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  • Help me…….please. (comfort issues).
  • Premier Icon ton

    bum boils, sore wrists, sore palms…….wtf is happening to me?

    after 32 years of cycling, I can no longer seem to get comfy on my bike. I have run the same set up all the time, things like saddle height, distance from seat to bars, bar height, they are always the same and always have been.
    since the new year I cant seem to get comfy at all.
    I have boils on my nether regions, I have swapped saddles, started using padded undies/shorts and creams, nothing eases my discomfort.
    I have sore wrists and palms, so swapped bars/grips to eliviate this, it has failed.
    I only ride on the road and lanes now, so I am seriously thinking about buying a touring style recumbent.

    any thoughts greatly appreciated. 🙁

    Premier Icon brassneck

    I have sore wrists and palms, so swapped bars/grips to eliviate this, it has failed.

    Can’t help with much, but Spec BG gloves really helped my hands in general, the ulnar nerve padding worked for me at least in making my whole hand more comfy.

    Boils I’d have thought laying off the bike completely would be your best bet to be honest.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Does this coincide with suddenly riding a lot more Ton? I notice you’ve stuck a fair few miles in this year……

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    If you have only just started using padded shorts and creams once the discomfort has started I would suggest you need to allow your body to recover and repair before cycling again.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    ton – Member

    5 yrs ago, I was fit and healthy. and riding loads of northern chapter mtb rides.
    I am now fubar health wise, but riding 3 times as far every week…..

    I’m getting like that Tony. Wrists, forearms, & the outside of my calves. Mainly after a bit of standy up singletrack stuff like at Hamsterley.
    I think it’s age related for me. 😕


    Has your weight changed much? Any pain in your back or knees?

    Premier Icon Esme

    I can’t help with your bum boils, Tony – but if you’d like to test-ride a recumbent trike, give me a shout!


    What saddle worked for you in the past and why did you change.

    Premier Icon ton

    I have upped my miles recently, but I have always done a fair few miles pre illness.

    my weight has been steady for the last 2 years since I started following a certain diet.

    saddles that have worked well in the past are charge spoon, specialized bg and brooks b17. I have tried all these in the last month with no success.


    Your boils will take ages to go, better get used to that idea.
    Talk to your Doc, he’ll only provide creams and possible anti bio’s but in essance they will come back quickly if they don’t heal properly. Sad as that may seem, possilbly being off the bike, they do heal over time. Last ime I had them was back in 06′ when I did a weeks roadie event in Southern Spain where it was baking hot every day. I couldn’t ride for nearly a month afterwards, glad of the rest TBH.

    Wrists, bad position. You may not have changed anything position wise, perhaps you should. Arthitis (sp) ? onset of fused wrists ? sitting in one position for too long ?

    Boring things I know but I hate to say it, lay off the bike for a while and go see the Doc.

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