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  • roach

    Ok, here be the score…

    Currently got a pretty burly Dialled PA medium frame with coil Revelations, XT/Mavic wheels, Hope M4s with X9 and XT drivetrain. I fancy changing to a lighter more cross country build for this year as I may be roped in to doing a couple of XC duathlons/triathlons.

    Was thinking of buying/selling stuff on ta classifieds to do it cheap, so any ideas?

    Maybe 20″ Inbred instead of the PA with BB7s and keep the revs or get some carbon rigids instead????

    Kinesis maxlight instead of the PA and swap for some rebas perhaps???


    Why not just buy some lightweight tyres and/or a few other lightweight bits (carbon bars?)?

    Don’t think an Inbred frame would be massively lighter than a PA. Kinesis and Reba’s would be quite a bit lighter.

    Seems like a lot to change for something you ‘may’ do. Why not just see if you enjoy the duathlons first?


    Go to your LBS and book a test bike for the XC stuff, return it after the weekend and keep your PA!

    Just put the PA on a diet. Same ride – lighter bits.

    Light tyres will probably make the most difference and possible air forks as well? The drivetrain sounds about as light as it will get and you’d probably not notice the difference in the brakes.

    What about bars, stem seatpost etc? That’s probably a nice plac to shed weight if you’ve built it burly.


    ..or get fitter yourself and keep the build as is. Then spend the money on something else.

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    aye, change for lightweight tyres (even go ghetto?), or just get another bike for the other job!


    How much travel do you use on the revs? If 120 or less how about swapping out the revs for 09 rebas? Or just dual air revs.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    I have a Maxlight XC, the one with the Easton tubes, very light, and lovely ride feel, but use a light seatpost for a comfier ride. Cheap as chips these days if you can find one.


    Hmmm, perhaps I’ll keep it and build up a cheap fully rigid bike for next to nothing just for XC/enduro duties.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    cheap fully rigid bike for next to nothing just for XC/enduro duties

    That probly won’t be light tho. Best bet is look in the classifieds for cheap bikes. Or just not bother 🙂

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Do the Duathlons on the PA initially – If you get into them change the bike and you’ll be miles quicker – if you don’t then nothing wasted.

    I’d only change the PA if I wanted to finish up in the top half of the table – otherwise I’d just stick with it – you’ll get fitter and stronger riding a heavier bike and trying to keep up with the whippets on featherlight bikes.

    Premier Icon Stu

    From my experience of duathlons what bike you ride will make naff all difference! If you want to do well concentrate on the running side as that’s where most of the time is made/lost!

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