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  • Aaarrrgghh, got a bit of an issue.

    My girlfriend thinks I stopped smoking about 1 year ago…which I did but thing is I’ve been a bit on and off with fags since, on the sly of course.

    Now I’ve decided to stop once and for all but she can’t see why I’ve been a bit agitated/ratty 😕 Any ideas? it’s doing my head in…feel all out of sorts, can’t sleep, eating rubbish…loosing my temper etc… Hate feeling dependant on those stupid things,


    Get some nicotine gum, or the inhaler, or the patches! works for me – I’m sat here with the inhaler in my mouth!

    I’ve had patches before, but felt a bit odd on em…although feel like crap anyhow so maybe I should try it again…maybe your right the inhalers the way to go

    Premier Icon Drac

    Maybe be honest and tell her.

    honesty is the best policy….Mmmmm sounds so easy typing it, but reckon she’ll flip lol


    The nicotine lozenges might be an idea for you pal…at least it looks like you’re only sucking on a sweet. I think your quandary is that your gf can’t see a sudden appearance of a patch or similar. So feign a sore throat for a few weeks and pretend you’re sucking throat lozenges instead of nicotine jobbies. Not that I wish to be an accessory to deceit or that I would ever have been in a similar situation…tum tee tum

    I tried gum a few years back and it tasted like fag butts…they any better now?

    Premier Icon Nick

    She know you smoke anyway, it stinks (says someone who likes the odd fag).

    Just say, sorry I’m a bit agitated but I’ve decided to really stop this time and cut out the sly fags for good.


    go out, drink three times your body weight in booze and smoke at least 100 fags, then you’ll want for them no more.


    The gum (fresh mint) is a lot better than it used to be. I find the 2mg gum a lot more palatable than the 4mg gum. Patches made me feel weird too actually so I mainly use the gum and when drinking the inhaler.

    Mr Nutt I like your style lol, think she probably has her suspicions, although as we don’t live together I’ve been like a crafty 16 year old (despite being twice that :() but reckon you’re right surely I’m being stupid…she must know.


    I was in exactly your predicament years ago. Went through a pack of polos a day! Willpower and cold turkey was the only option for me. You have to really want to give up and when you do finally decide this is what you want, just crack on with it. The sooner you start, the sooner you start feeling better.

    Thanks guys…thinking I’ll pick up some gum and with a bit of will power…and maybe dare I say it honesty I’ll stop once and for all.

    Fed up of feeling rubbish spending too much on em etc… so this time it’s gotta happen 😕

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    don’t worry bingo, I’m in that boat too (well, apart from my girlfriend knows)


    see sponging machine off of here thats what he does for a job


    drop in down the local hospital and ask to do some voluntary work on the ward where they have all the smoking related illnesses.

    As above, if you smoke you stink so your g/f will know anyway

    I’ll stick a paging sponging machine on cheers


    pish to all the nicotene replacement stuff mate – just be tough and get on with it.

    I am 8 weeks in now, I found that giving up the booze for 5 weeks really helped to be honest.

    I think that the feeling and deep rooted attraction will be with me for months if not years to come but lets face it, giving up is just an intelligence test really.

    **** it all, get yourself a humidor and stock that bad boy up with some Montes, Upmanns, Punch and, who knows, maybe even a Cohiba or two.

    see that’s my failing I’m thick as two short planks… 😕


    Go back, rewind. Lets start with the basics. Why do you want to quit? Do you have a list or could you make one? If upon reading the list you find they arent valid enough then dont quit. You need to go back and decide why you want to. Otherwise you will always leave in the netherland, unsure and always trying to quit.
    Me, I’ve been totally clean for 10yrs now 🙂


    Just do a Google image search on mouth or throat cancers.
    That should do it.

    Ten years!!! good work….I gotta be honest sometimes 10 days seems like a lifetime somedays


    Allen Carr worked for me. Several years of being a “secret smoker”* all gone in a couple of weeks. No after effects, no cravings. Best thing I ever did.

    *deluded idiot more like. Secret? My arse, of course she knew. What a pillock. Nearly cost me my marriage.

    MMmm i’ve heard of the book, maybe that would be worth a go too…I’ve gotta do it this time, frankly I can’t fookin afford to smoke anymore with all the other reasons i’ve gotta stop


    Samehere I quit loads. I even started smoking half cigs and putting the stubs back in and resmoking them a few times each fag. Sheesh the stench. I tried everything. For me the patches/gum was like having a w*nk but always stopping just before the release. Sorry this is graphic but such was the frustration I felt with the stuff.
    Think long and hard and make a list of why you want to quit. Put your thoughts down on paper.
    Some of mine were – GF suffering from secondhand smoke, my Bronchitis (annual winter chest infections, smell, the thought of being addicted to something (a biggie for me), the inconvenience, the danger (when drunk I sometimes fell asleep with a fag still lit!) and on and on…GF was the biggie though- she hated it with a passion and I didnt want to lose her. I’d never have gone out with a girl that smoked- its disgusting so why be a hypocrite?


    singlespeedbingo – Member

    Aaarrrgghh, got a bit of an issue.

    My girlfriend thinks I stopped smoking about 1 year ago…

    You’re telling me you’re girlfriend thinks you smell of fags naturally?

    Have you heard the joke that my dog has no nose? 😈

    Wanna fight me with your knackered tarry lungs? Just kidding.

    Imagine your future-you will get fluid on the lungs but not always cancer-it’s a multihit theory y’know.

    Just make a choice and go for it! You can do it!


    Speak to spongingmachine off here, he’s an NHS smoking cessation person.


    The book costs a few pennies more than a packet of fags. It’s not a particularly engaging read, but it worked for me and others here too – I was told about the book on here a few years ago.

    Just look at the reviews; Of 524 reviewers, 478 gave it 5 stars. 10 gave it just the one.

    Good luck, it’s worth it.

    I have indeed heard the my dogs got no nose joke, but not living together and constantly being in the shower and having the cleanest teeth in the world…ok ok I’ve resigned myself to the fact that she probably knows and is turning a blind eye, just don’t wanna risk our relationship over something so stupid is all


    A) She knows.
    B) As a hardline ex-smoker I advocate the no-smoking, grit-your-teeth withdrawal method. No gum, no inhalers, no patches, no hypnosis and certainly no books about how to give up. Just make a decision to never smoke again and stick to it. It can be done. I smoked for a decade and was up to 40 a day when I suddenly stopped one morning during a particularly bad cold. It wasn’t the most enjoyable experience and you need a certain bloody mindedness but the physical addiction is out of your system in a couple of weeks; the psychological addiction can be beaten by wanting not to smoke more than wanting a smoke. The only requirement is that you have to be absolutely set on stopping and for that you have to do it for yourself rather than anyone else. Sounds like you’re at that point.


    I hear you corroded. My GP sat me down and took sometime with me. I’m very grateful that she recognised me as a good bloke. This time and what she said had its effect. I quit immediately-no patches/nothing. I did drink a shedload of orange juice. I read somewhere that vitamin C helps leach nicotine out of your system very quickly. Its the residual nicotine in your system that really makes you addicted not the ‘actions’. Not sure if the OJ was a placebo but it worked a treat. Plus I took up mountain biking again, 4 yrs after I broke my elbow offroad.

    Premier Icon Popocatapetl

    i smoked for 24 years, 20+ a day as a soldier. try, based in Cheadle, Cheshire. i had one session in October, lasted an hour and a half, and i haven’t had a cigarette or desired one since. cost £250.00 but it’s been well worth it. i had never been hypnotised before and was very sceptical. it was a remarkable success. Wish i’d tried it years ago. give it a try!

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Mart slap her slap yourself then tank slap something oh and stop buyin the tabs 🙂 may as well keep smokin as soon it will be outlawed . Btw for anyone taking offence me and bingo are related 🙂 keep all the fag ends you smoke in a bottle with an inch of water and a lid on For the next week then after everytime you want a tab take the lid off and give it a good sniff. That should stop the urges mate


    Was 20 a day for 20 years
    Decided to quit-read the Allen Carr book and stopped July 1st 2007 when the legislation changed
    Threw cigs/lighters everything away
    No patches/gum/nothing
    First 24 hours were tough
    First week was hard
    Then it started getting less hard
    After 6months had put on some weight(first time ever)
    Started mountain biking to lose the weight and haven’t looked
    I think anyone can quit if they want to. If you don’t you won’t


    see sponging machine off of here thats what he does for a job

    What, smoke fags?


    Otherwise you will always live in the Netherlands

    Eh? Is smoking compulsory, there? Even the little kids?

    see sponging machine off of here thats what he does for a job

    What, smoke fags?


    Just made me laugh a lot. 😆

    As has been mentioned twice now, I have a specialist interest in smoking cessation and run the NHS Stop Smoking Service for North Devon. If you’d like to have an informal chat, please feel free to call me on 07966 9one4462.

    As you don’t live in North Devon (we’d probably have met if you did), I could refer you to your local stop smoking service (if appropriate). Our service is free and confidential, so the missus need never know, unless you choose to tell her!

    i stopped before christmas

    what worked for me was remembering that when you are tempted to have ‘just one’, it doesn’t take the edge of anything, it’ll leave a nasty taste in your mouth, you’ll smell and you won’t feel any better for it. after a month or so you’ll stop looking at people smoking and thinking ‘GOD I NEED ONE’ and start thinking ‘what a tool they look’.

    I was grumpy for a few days but just drunk a little more booze and exercised more to compensate

    I considered myself to be a pretty fit person whilst i smoked, i could keep up with most of my non smoking mates but now, jesus, for the first time in years my legs give up before my lungs.

    do it

    you’ll feel great

    As you don’t live in North Devon (we’d probably have met if you did)

    met? surely you’d be cousins

    sorry, couldn’t resist


    Well done for stopping, again 😀 But seriously, she’ll know – its blatently obvious to a non-smoker, even if you only have one at lunch.

    Cant help with ways to give up, but keep it up!

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