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  • Help me spend my money! Roadbike suggestions…
  • something from boardman

    or if you can go just a bit over budget and they have your size…

    CAAD10 105

    EDIT – sorry, didn’t see the bit anout touring – check Thorn out for an all road audax/winter training/cheaper road bike options.


    Papa – consider the touring more of an aspiration than a must have.

    I think that they do have that in my size, but is it better than Boardman, or a £1000 Planet X etc… this is what I don’t know how to judge – especially since I can’t hop on any of them to try for real…


    One of these for £900?



    Or if you want to mix and match (i.e. bike build) try one of theseRibble

    don’t assume cheap carbon will be any better than a good quality Al frame like the CAAD 10. Do a search for reviews of that bike. 105 groupset works really well.

    A guy in the club has an Al boardman with Mavic Ask-ya-mum (or whatever they are called), that looks like a nice bike.


    My friends just picked up a Giant Defy 1- full 105 groupset with a nice frame and fork. Cost was £999. I think it’s good value and it’s a very nice ride!


    ads-b : thanks the Canyon looks very nice – a 32/34 gear ratio – wow… my lowest gear is 23/39 – I’ve never found the Canyon website very user friendly (it assumes you know what you are looking for). I know someone who has the Planet X (unfortunately in the wrong size) with upgraded wheels. I guess part of my confusion is whether “cheap carbon” is better than “good Alloy” etc, and where Apex and Rival fit around 105 etc. And as for Wheels – I might as well “ask my mum!”


    what it replaces
    After a good weekend on my ancient road bike I am inclined to think its time to start thinking about what to replace it with. The current model is an early 90’s Dynatech (Ti tubes glued together with Cr-Mo seat stays) and was pretty good spec when my brother bought it back then – but I wan’t flappy paddle shifters, I need gear ratios designed to climb hills with my puny legs and with and those two things = whole new groupset, plus probably a new rear wheel, etc. If I am looking at spending that sort of money then I need to ask if I could get better buying a whole bike!

    Common sense says not to splash more than £1000 for the amount it will get used and the ability I have. My bank manager would probably prefer that was more like £600.

    Type of riding
    I ride socially, and the odd sportive. I don’t compete. I like the idea of doing some touring but have never tried it, and none of my friends are thinking that way at the moment. My friends all have lightweight carbon stuff costing over a £1000. I am under no illusions that it would be cheaper and better to lose weight from the rider rather than the bike!


    I don’t really know my way round road bike specs… so:

    – New complete…. ….what would you go for? Mrs Poly recently got a Triban 3 which ticks a lot of boxes. Is a little heavier than the current set up though (but not much). What would you upgrade (and what to) within the budget? What alternatives?

    – Second hand…. ….I wouldn’t really know where to start. I’m not sure I know enough to spot a dud, or even to know if a bike has a good spec or not, and certainly not to know if it is good value for money. I’m near Edinburgh – do any of the bike shops deal second hand?

    – Build my own…. ….for some reason this appeals. I’m sure it is a minefield of standards. I’m sure it would work out more expensive (but spread out so bank won’t notice quite the same). How would you split the budget 40% frame/forks; 25% wheels, 25% drive, 10% the rest?

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    I’ve just bought a carrera virago from halfords which after all the discounts they throw out and british cycling 10% cost me £750…

    Superb value.


    OK so there are some cracking bikes around for the best part of £1000 new, with great kit on them. If my second hand budget was £600 could I do as well, or better?


    What size you after as a mate has a 56cm defy 1 compact for 600-700 as he has just upgraded to a Carbon Madone- just about 18 months old, email me if interested

    EDIT; just worked out where you are so thats out as he is in leicester


    I would also recommend the giant defy… won alot of awards this year also

    Giant Defy. I’ve got a 3, its a set of better brake pads away from being a great bike.

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    Genesis equilibrium?


    ages ago I costed up building an equilibrium and I could do it for the retail price but with better kit from ribble, merlin, etc.

    I think most of the answers are above. The Defy seems a very popular bike, although I tried one briefly and found it wasnt me. Canyon are great VFM and very nice, but you cant see what you are buying as a trade off. Ribbles and Merlins are nice and to add another Dolan are great and do like mine. They do a custom build too as well as Ribble and Merlin. Other than that, the Triban 5 is great for the money. Get one and buy some nicer wheels and tyres and use the standard ones for the winter. You’ll be under £650 and the bank manager will be chuffed.

    Look at the Merida range have some great bikes for the money.Problem with second-hand you might end up spending more on it if you get a duffer.You could get Trek Madone 4.7 for that money which is a few years old but you have to fine one.Great bike is the Trek alloy 2.1/2.3 Madone they handle like a dream and come with 105.


    This might be of interest – 1p below your budget with carbon forks – and would be ideal if you want to do some touring:


    Defy 2 here , which is a great bike . Im even thinking of selling my hardtail to fund a new set of wheels and chainset for It.


    Triban 3 here with upgraded wheels (Shimano r501), tyres and pedals.

    400 quid all in and loving it.

    i got a half price eddy merckx from merlin a while back, great spec for the money and a really nice comfy bike.


    Get a Ribble. At least they give you a groupset planet x give you a front/rear mech and shifters. Bit of a swizz IMO.

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    Triban 3 here also. Standard other than pedals and tyres. I’d have to be a lot lighter and fitter to find the benefit of spending an extra £699. Not the trendiest badge but I’ll take the spare cash in the bank over a very expensive Giant sticker all day 🙂


    really chuffed with my carbon planet x ! …frame was 300 but as someone linked earlier, you can get a full build for a grand, not had a problem with mine so far!


    Just bought a cinelli gazzetta della strada & am very pleased. Rides best with weight up front.

    Trek 1.5 here. love it. think it was about £800 last year.

    +1 for CAAD10

    I’ve a CAAD4 still going strong, 8 years and many thousand miles!

    I’m not anti carbon, but when Alloy’s that good why not take advantage of a highly developed product over something that was bought out of the Taiwan/China bike catalog on price?


    As above canyon and great but also have a look at Radon. They are an in house brand for a huge German bike shop. Great value, my full 105 (including chainset), tapered full carbon fork and light Ali frame cost £850 posted. Finishing kit was good and came with ok wheels and certainly better than most at that price (mavics).

    Sizes are small as my 60cm is really a 58cm.

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