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  • Help me kit out the BiL for winter cycling (recommends not financial)
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    I took the brother in law out to experience Surrey’s finest slop yesterday on the gravel bikes. He and his family have been having a rubbish time lately so he deserve the break and said he enjoyed the winter experience. That said 4 hours and 40 miles later left him cold, wet and tired – his attire of trainers, joggers and ripped commuting coat looked hopeless compared to my perfect set up.

    So recommendations please (oh and we are talking Quencha not Rapha end of the market and he rides flats)


    Premier Icon lunge
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    Basically, I’d go nuts in Decathlon, I reckon you’ll get him kitted out for under £100.
    Tights, £35,
    Jacket, £30,
    Gloves, £15,

    Add in a baselayer and a cheap pair of shorts over his tights is you must I don’t think you’re far off.

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    There’s enough stuff knocking about in various Black Friday sales to kit him out easily, I’d defo be pointing him towards some Gore-Tex shoes and sealskinz if he rides flats.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Definitely Decathlon.

    Their skiing baselayers are often cheaper than cycling ones.

    See if there are any Craft/Aldi gloves on eBay

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Re shoes/feet, some thick socks from Sports Direct and a pair of approach shoes like this for £30 will do a right job.

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    +1 for Decathlon. You can get fully kitted out for £100. Or at least we’ll enough to stay comfortable in cold and wet weather. Quechua and BTwin stuff is great!

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    Shoes are probably the last thing I would look at, as they will take up a large part of the budget – even cheap shoes. Feet get wet and cold but it’s not half as miserable as having a cold damp top half.

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    That said 4 hours and 40 miles later left him cold, wet and tired

    It’s winter, it’s raining a lot and that’s a long way off-road. I’d be tired and cold too… 😉

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    If he can try on a few shoe brands then used is a surprisingly good source of spd boots. Bought three pairs – two Shimano for off road and one Sidi for on road. Too big isn’t so bad as thick socks are a staple for winter.

    If all else fails try a track sampler at LVV

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    I’m not usually a corporate fanboi but Decathlon for sure.

    It might have a budget image but some (not all) of the stuff is pretty decent, no nonsense and durable. You do have to shop in other departments, hiking and Skiing to get the best of it clothing wise.

    Some of their workshop tools aren’t bad, hydration packs alright for the money, inner tubes cheap enough. You can pick up reasonableish priced tyres (Majic Mary soft and Hans Dampf), when stuck, off the shelf, which is often hard to do in bricks and mortar shops (Halfords and Evans for example) that usually charge full RRP for shit versions of tyres nobody wants. They stock Shimano sintered pads for less than most bike shops sell them for!

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    When I were a lad, I used to put plastic bags between over my socks. Sounds terrible, but it keeps you warm but being winter not so warm that your feet cook.

    that will cover the feet and leave the budget for the rest

    it sounds terrible, but it works

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    £20 invested in waterproof socks (or maybe less in Planet X sale) will pay dividends over the winter.

    Premier Icon timc
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    Sealskins website has its own black friday sale running, £12 a pair!!!

    Premier Icon jaminb
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    thanks for the recommendations so far. I was think Decathalon waterproof walking boots might work with wool socks – any experience? I have xm9’s for bikepacking duties and they are my warmest footwear.

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    Overshoes might also be a cheap solution to cold wet feet
    Keep an eye on the Polaris website as they have some deals on over black Friday
    Sport pursuit for good prices on branded stuff but will blow your budget pretty quick
    Always hands, feet and face, chin area that suffer so buff, beanie and decent gloves need close attention. I have found core easier to keep warm and dry and therefore overheat
    Hot ribena in a camalbak ftw when it’s frosty

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    I also have baking foil under the insoles of my winter SPD boots. Both to block the water ingress from the hole left for the cleats (really Lake?) and extra warmth.

    Look for second hand footwear – it does come up. My Lake boots cost £30, thick lined things with gaiters inbuilt.

    Jackets also come up regularly barely used second hand.

    As above though, just go to Decathlon or Aldi and job jobbed for tights and tops.

    Don’t forget to blag a free buff as well for his noggin and neck.

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