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  • Sram 10 speed powerlinks arent re-usable. Go for a KMC chain which comes with a re-usable link.

    Why not a zee mech? One of the good things abotu 1×10 is being able to use a short mech.

    I personally wouldnt run a 1×10 without a chainguide, even if it has a stepped teeth thingy.

    Get some shorter chainring nuts and bolts as well unless your 2x setup are ok.

    Mister P

    HG61 cassette = 451g
    HG81 (SLX) cassette = 369g


    Phil – good shout with the bolts.

    Was planning on running without a bash ring so I’ll need the shortest bolts going I assume?

    Another good shout with the powerlinks – I’ll hunt a decent KMC chain.

    Zee is quite expensive is it not? Kinda looking to do this semi budget conscious.

    Mister P – thanks for the weights. Now to decide if 82 grams is worth £15 quid. (Hint: It’s not.)


    This seems a good chain:

    says it comes with a reusable link


    i have just bought a Zee rear mech off Merlin Cycles for £54 and its brilliant. Stops alot of chain slap too, due to being able to ‘lock’ the mech.

    Though if do go for a Zee mech make sure its the wide ratio model as this works on cassettes up to 36 teeth.


    So I’m going to swap my 2 x 9 456C to a 1 x 10 for all the usual reasons. yay.

    So, can someone just make sure I haven’t missed anything and advise me on a few areas…

    Frame – On One 456C
    Rear Hub – Hope Pro 2



    11 – 36

    Looking at this Deore – nice and cheap, anyone know if it weights *that* much more than going SLX for 15 quid or so more?

    Also – I’ve heard about metal carriers eating the hope pro 2 cassette thingie – anyone know if the carrier for this cassette is alloy or?


    Would I get away with medium cage with 1 x 10?
    Would happily use Deore Shadow Plus but no idea when that’s coming out.

    I know very little about chains. Can someone point me and a decent VFM chain? Guessing just a £10 shimano 10sp or somthing & a sram powerlink?

    Going to grab a Works Thick/Thin 32t sproket.



    other than £5, what’s the difference between these two?

    I think that’s everything. Shouldnt need a chain guide with the shadow plus & works sproket.

    Any blinding errors in my choices?

    If anyone’s got any of the above for sale either… end of the month i’ll be buying. 😆

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Zee clutch mech = The Dogs Danglies.

    I’ve not needed a chain device so far. Silent, no chain slap, not dropped the chain. I think the Zee is or was about £45 from Rose. Shifter was £20. Same as SLX but no window. Cheap as chips.


    My thoughts are exactly the same as bigblackshed.


    Hmm so £54 Zee vs about 40 odd for SLX shadow plus.

    Ill consider it when I’ve totaled up the full cost. Would like to keep as close to £100 quid as possible.


    what front chain ring do you currently run as i use a 9 speed 32 tooth chain ring off crank set i had a while back and it works fine, therefore no need to buy a new chain ring.

    also for a chain guide these are brilliant, light and cheap a lot cheaper than most guides available

    BBG bashguards


    just standard XT ring, not sure how many teeth it is but probably not 32t

    like the idea of no bashguard or chain guide so fairly keen on the works ring


    if your not running a bash guard or guide then you will definitely need a clutch mech for bumper rides, or else you will be placing the chain back on a lot of times

    Premier Icon fathomer

    If your ordering from bike-discount, have a look at their KMC chains, I got a X10.93 for £13 (I think) a couple of weeks ago.

    SRAM 10spd power links can be reused but you will need players to remove them. I have one that has been removed and refitted multiple times, at least 4 times, and its fine.

    I got a second hand x9 chain ring, slid off the chain ring spider and am using a SRAM direct mount Wolftooth chainring. It’s light, stiff, and with the XX1 style teeth, shouldn’t drop a chain.

    1×10 is great.


    Looking at this Deore – nice and cheap, anyone know if it weights *that* much more than going SLX for 15 quid or so more?

    Slx cassette is only £35 at on-one

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