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  • Help me find a weird front mudguard?
  • Thanks to STWrs I already sourced some weird handlebars for my footbike, but now following a slingshot of gritmud in (now a red snooker-ball) eyeball and a trip to the docs I think it’s time to get a mudguard for the front. Problem again is the CZ store want to charge me oodles for tax and shipping of a proprietary mudguard, and, nice though it is, it’s a €17 accessory that climbs to nearer €60 with tax and delivery 🤪

    For a 26” wheel, forks have eyelets to rear of dropouts
    Current tyre-size ETRTO 42-559 (26 x 1.60” slicks)
    Lightweight and white, preferably (to match rear)

    The weirdness is that there is no drilled hole on the fork crown/steerer of the bike, so looking for something with an expanding wedge-type fender-mount that goes up into the steerer-tube.

    ie like this


    Just hammer a wine cork in the screw your white guard of choice onto that.

    That’s a really good idea 👍🏼

    Now to find a mudguard that isn’t sold in pairs (rear wheel is 20” and covered)


    Drill a couple of holes in the mudguard, and put zip ties around the fork crown.

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    ^ thnks for responses, folks. It’s a road bike with rigid fork so looking for as much coverage as poss. Zip-ties a possibility but prefer the cork idea, ie neat and also would seal the tube from damp. Just looking for a suitable fender now to customise with a cork, so please keep suggestions coming 🙂


    Put a star fangled nut up from the bottom of the crown and bolt into that?

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