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  • Help me explain why ” all lives matter” is not the same as BLM
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    “we stand and will fight for racial and social justice for white people”

    If that was the objective of a group in the UK it would admittedly appear as odd and probably be coming from a far right racist group as they are trying to make a point that a)doesn’t make sense and b)implies there is greater injustice against white people than non-white people in the UK which isn’t true and would be seen as trying to over promote white people

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    Seems there are more people than I thought who are scared by equality and determined to speak out against it.

    I thought this was 2020.

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    Johnny Nelson says you just need to add “..as well.” to explain it.

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    I just feel like that must be really obviously the meaning unless you are choosing not to see it.

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    Agreed Grum.

    Akaka vids on YouTube are still on this subject.

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