Help me expand my rock and metal playlist

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  • Help me expand my rock and metal playlist
  • Massive bouncy Pagga?



    Royal Blood

    Possibly the weirdest and most eclectic mixture of music from them – from hair metal to hip-hop dance.


    And thank you all, lots of new music added…

    but more recently I have discovered bands such as LA Guns (very ‘Ratt’) and Megadeath

    Understandable. Megadeath have only been around since 1983.


    I see no Pantera listed so far, or Corrosion of conformity.



    Understandable. Megadeath have only been around since 1983.

    Yeah, some bands simply passed me by. In 1983 (I was 16) I had started to focus just on the bands I really loved (Ozzy, Motley Crue, Saxon etc) then suddenly realised girls and went all Howard Jones, Nick Kershaw, David Bowie, cut and highlighted my hair and spent my time trying to impress girl.

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    White Zombie/Rob Zombie
    Stone Sour
    Monster Magnet
    Acid Reign

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    Clutch and just get their entire back catalogue. Absolutely brilliant band and every album is different yet quintessentially Clutch. One of their more recent songs (Hot Bottom Feeder) is a recipe for crab cake. No other band could pull that off.

    Highly Suspect and Idles if you want something from the last few years.


    To pick any is to miss out on too much, but any excuse to post up some videos 😁

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    Oh yes, now this is what I call a proper thread😁 Pretty much every band I’d recommend has already been mentioned – has Sepultura already been mentioned?

    If you like a bit of late 70’s stuff, Overkill by Motörhead is an absolute classic album. Remember going to see them live in ‘79 with a pal who was a Genesis prog fan – he was not impressed….I f***in’ loved it!

    p.s. that Budgie vid brought back some memories😄

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    Queens of the Stone age

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    Another few, Swedish Metal/Rock bands that were formed in the era you know so well.. and are still going strong. Suppose the moral of that story is good music is simply good music

    Electric Boys… probably best if you search for the 90’s stuff then come right up to the current stuff..

    Treat… Early stuff was excellent, then they went through the thashy phase but came out all rock n roll.. classy.

    Europe… WOW now hold on!! Yeah buttttttt, they really are very good and the guitarist plays some sublime rock chord sequences.. listen out for them.

    TNT… yeah! One of my early fave bands of that era, just loved the harmonies and drilled rhythm riffs.. worth checking out Tell No Tails and ignoring the very mediocre mixing..

    Moving more stateside:

    White Lion… obvz is obvz, awesome band… simply awesome. Thick rhythms, chunky riffs, searing leads, off beat 5ths, and Mike..

    Ratt… My all time favourite Metal/Rock band of that era… I can recite all the words off Invasion of your Privacy (no, they don’t value it) Listen to Warren chunk out those riffs on Lay It Down.

    Dokken.. Early to mid stuff before the fall out, George Lynch is one of the greatest unsung guitar players of that era… and the simple 4 piece structure certainly cranked out pure metal with sublime harmonies..

    Great White… a few searing tracks, some great writing and more rock n roll than most could poke a g-string at.

    and …

    Tesla…. oh boy, did I wear out that tape of Mechanical Resonance… Modern Day Cowboy will be played at my funeral… a swan song if ever there was one to write.

    One of their more recent songs (Hot Bottom Feeder) is a recipe for crab cake. No other band could pull that off.

    No other band could appropriate mundane text and use as lyrics? Skeptical 🤨 (Just joking, I get it was hype/rhetoric)

    Reminds me, Brit proggers Thumpermonkey took a 419-type Nigerian spam mail as the lyric and wrote an epic with it


    My two favourites at the moment are Parkway Drive and Lamb of God. Off to see Airborne in Cardiff next weekend not heard the new album yet though. Slipknot’s new album is good, got tickets for them in the new year too

    Flussbarsch Panzer if you like a bit of eurometal

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    Seether, Shinedown.

    Lots of great stuff already mentioned – I’ll +1 to Five Finger Death Punch, Rammstein, Alter Bridge.

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    Pixies. Maybe not the same vein but inspired a generation

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    The Wildhearts the intro is epic on this but theres sooo many

    Nita nitro

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    Cant link s video…

    Those damn crows are a good shout.

    Wildhearts. Yes!
    Tesla. Yes!
    Europe. Again, yes! Some of their recent stuff is ace.

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    Jamesoz beat me to it with Acid Reign, North Yorkshire’s metal peak, Scarborough to Harrogate covered

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    The new album is a bit of a cracker in my opinion. Saw them last time round and the reboot, great fun live.


    Apologies for any repeats…

    At the Gates
    All That Remains
    Alter Bridge
    Deftones (pre-White Pony)
    Killswitch Engage
    A Day to Remember
    Arch Enemy
    As I Lay Dying (new album is a banger)
    Burn the Priest
    Lamb of God
    In Flames
    The Blueprint
    Earthtone 9
    White Zombie
    One Minute Silence
    Machine Head (not Catharsis which is a total turd)
    Life of Agony
    Vision of Disorder
    Earth Crisis


    Loving this a lot at the mo…

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    Ooh there are some gems on here, loving the oh sees, mighty hawkwind, Motörhead.

    Nobody’s said these guys, much under rated, lost within the cock rock

    And, if we can have the oh sees, let’s have these guys, getting more metal as they go

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    Then, following on from the pixies suggestion, there is this

    Was going to mention the WizardGizzardLizards but they are all over the place with genres. Not a bad thing in my book. From full on retrometal ie ‘Rattlesnake’, through prog and winsome pop rock, to the more Afro-Cuban rock/Santana-ish stuff, esp ‘The River’. As always – the best live recordings IMO are captured by the amazing engineers at KEXP. This is ace, in the hole and in the pocket:

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    This was pretty much how it was done BITD.. A fabulous rock n roll band, a stage, some really bloody random video sequence that made no sense whatsoever… yet, the music just blitzed it.

    I posted above Tesla and Modern Day Cowboy, here’s the vid:

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    It seems one band has been missed off this massive list we’ve constructed… Yeah, can you guess who they are?

    Well, spandex was their game, coke n hookers most certainly their aim, hairspray and bandanas their costume… but what a lot of people miss is they were exceptional songwriters, musicians of a genre where riffology meant chugging B-flats meant “muso” but these guys just made Rock sound like Rock.. They played from the heart, and were the Real Deal.

    Motley Crue.. yeah I know right…

    But Yeah, mega awesome…

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    Blind melon
    Smashing pumpkins

    Mate theres just soooooo much.

    It’s one of the reasons spotify is quite useful

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    but they are all over the place with genres

    Covers band danger, but sometimes a copy is as good as, or better than, the original, as it in the nutty

    Anyway, these guys rock

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    Bloody love Dream Theater!

    That’s it, I’m in the mood for listening to Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence on the ‘loud’ headphones now, both discs back-to-back 😎

    Oh and if you can find them on a streaming site try Kerbdog, thier On The Turn album is also heavily repeated in the car regularly.

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    Rage Against The Machine

    Lacuna Coil

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    Pearl jam

    Possibly the finest band still touring

    Killing Joke never get enough mentions in metal threads. They are legends. Saw/heard ‘Extremities…’ live in Digbeth on launch – it was like a **** tsunami smacked to pieces by a hurricane. Best hard rock performance I’ve ever witnessed, bar none. Martin Atkins (PiL) was on drums. Three hours of precise destruction.


    Opeth – Bleak.
    Danzig – first 2 albums.
    Porcupine Tree – Deadwing.
    Senser – Stacked Up.
    Slayer – Reign in Blood.
    Deep Purple – best of!
    Testament – Practice What You Preach.
    Death Angel – Act III.
    Metallica – Puppets.
    Living Colour – Cult of Personality.


    Forgot a few…

    Anthrax – Sound of White Noise.
    At The Drive-In.

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    And some Radio Birdman

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