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  • rossi46

    Yes, i know lots of people have asked this before but i’m buying one for my wife for her birthday. I have £129 to spend.

    Basically she’s going to go on the internet, play games and read magazines via the e reader option.
    I’m liking the Kindle for it’s 9hr battery life, but i’m more familiar with an android operating system (it’s on my Sony Ericsson Xperia).

    Which one should i go for?

    Acer B1

    CnM Touchpad 7

    Zoostorm 10″

    Or the

    Kindle Fire

    Reccomendations please 😀

    the hustler

    cant really comment on the others, but wifey has the kindle fire HD and its a fantastic bit of kit


    Keep saving your pocket money a bit longer and get a Nexus 7, they are the bees knees.


    saving your pocket money a bit longer

    I can’t- everyone in the family has put in a contribution and we’ve scraped together the grand total of £130. And her birthday is April 4th- i still have to actually go buy it yet 😕

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    yeah, 30 quid over budget would get you a 16Gb Nexus 7 and it’ll be far better than any of those you’ve listed.


    I’d suggest the 16gb Nexus too but otherwise the Kindle without doubt.


    Put it on an odds on winner at the bookie. That’ll get you the extra £30. (I agree with d’udders, a Nexus seems the obvious choice at that budget.)

    I bought one of these:

    Amazing for the price, but no GPS. For me, 10″ is only for indoors use anyway so it’s perfect.
    Software is still on version 1.0 and it will freeze occasionally – bit annoying but restarting sorts it. Hopefully there will be an update at some point.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Don’t discount the Blackberry PlayBook. Awesome build quality, 64GB memory, lovely operating system.

    Will destroy any budget ‘Droid tablet – either that or save for a decent ‘Droid one otherwise you will be disappointed.

    Couple of things to be aware of. No Skype and no Netflix apps but does web browsing, facebook etc and many Android apps are now available for it.

    I bought one for my wife for Christmas and liked it so much I got one myself.



    Danny B


    Kindle is indeed great (when the Skype works – effing criters), the Nexus 7 you can get on offer for £50 with a Sunday Times subscription apaprantly. I will say having viewd both side by side, the quiality on the Kindle is better than the Nexus in terms of screen quality/glare – and the inbuilt mail app is better on the kindle.


    Out of those suggested the kindle, however my dad has a nexus and that would have been where my money went if it weren’t for a friend buying me an iPad!


    Thanks for the input everyone- much appreciated 😉

    Looks like i’m going for the Kindle- damn shame i can’t get that extra £30!

    EDIT: Is it true that the Kindle has annoying pop up adverts or is that an urban myth?


    I have a Nexus 7 which I’m more than happy with,
    Another slightly leftfield alternative is a Nook HD

    Not really had much of a play on one but they do feel nice in the hand and I do prefer there e-reader to Amazons kindle.


    The new larger kindle fire hd. Take it from me, I have every top tablet out in my house pretty much. Nexus picture is great but colours are saturated and the internet is slow just like the iPad. what’s the point in a full hd tablet if it’s Wi fi is to slow to stream it? Kindle is android just modified. And you can side apps in if you wanted. Battery life is great. My family are computer geeks. Dads a networking specialist… he too has the fire hd like me. I can’t praise it enough get one. Anything you can’t do ask me and I’ll explain how…….don’t let me fix your bike though.


    Sell something you don’t need and raise £30…


    Take your pick…


    Nexus picture is great but colours are saturated and the internet is slow just like the iPad. what’s the point in a full hd tablet if it’s Wi fi is to slow to stream it?

    What? I stream loads on nexus 4 and iPad and my girlfriend loads on her nexus 7, all on wifi. I also do a fair amount over 3g. I’ve not used a Fire HD but don’t the Fire at all, I believe that the HD is a fair step up though?


    Stream a full hd 1080p video on your ipad or nexus and hold it next to a fire hd at the same time. Really no comparison only tablet with dual band wi fi. The nexus is good though. Would be my second choice


    I have a Kindle Fire (non-HD) and the fact that you can’t get a proper ‘Google’ and ‘Youtube’ app is reason enough NOT to recommend it.

    Nexus ftw.


    £130 will get you that Archos titanium 80 thing from carphone warehouse, I think:

    same size and res as the ipad mini, which got me thinking about it for reading PDFs as I prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio.

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