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  • hillsplease

    s2000 and share it with a mate with a van/ estate. I am presuming you’re not racing and hence riding up and down the country every weekend?


    Get a paranoid riding mate who drives everywhere and refuses to be driven. I have one – lovely chap.

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    Haha – nah not racing, though try to get out and about as much as possible though because I work shifts and get good time off.

    Not thought of sharing a van/car though – that’s worth some investigation! Cheers!

    I wish I had a mate like that!


    Really no way of getting some rack on there?

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    There’s lots of pics of S2000’s carrying bikes on google so it’s definitely doable.


    The people up the road from us have an ’07 S2000 it’s a beautiful car. Most of the time it’s caked in mud but when they do clean it it looks like new. Deep lustrous red.

    Anyway they have a luggage rack for it that fits on the boot maybe you could do something like that?


    wont a saris bones fit the car ?

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    I have a car quandary!

    I’ve inherited my GF’s old Honda S2000 which is needing a bit of tlc ( new roof, small bits of rust etc ) which will prob cost the best part of £1000 to get done proper, otherwise in great nick.

    However as said Honda cannot take a bike carrier its not the most practical so was thinking of selling it and buying a van. But the car is in great nick other than the bits mentioned and is amazing to drive and goes like stink – if I could just get my bikes on the thing without damaging it or the bikes i’d be sorted!

    I cant decide – your thoughts and opinions are welcomed!

    S2000 Pros – Great to drive, very fast, good condition other than a few wee bits, did I already say its great to drive! ;o)

    S2000 Cons – Cant take bikes!, needing some TLC, not cheap to run

    Van Pros – Can take bikes!, I can sleep in it for trips away, very practical, cheaper to run

    Van Cons – Sh!t to drive, rattly, for the amount I could spend it would be an older van so may require work / repairs


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    Most of the bike carriers that go on the boot, like the saris bones, rest on the rear bumper which is very thin and flexy. Plus i’m not sure that my eagerly awaited Cube Fritzz will fit a standard carrier and though never used the Saris before, my previous experiences of the ‘hang on type’ carriers leave marks on the bike frames. Is the saris one better in this respect?

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