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  • svalgis

    Yes, another one of those threads.
    I’m looking for a 26″ 130-150mm frame that I’ll run with 140-150mm Sektor coil forks for all kinds of riding.

    My biggest love is descending natural singletrack (which includes pedally ones), but I regularly do XC rides to get there as well as some fairly technical climbing (which I actually enjoy, given the right mood). I do the occassional uplift as well, but that’s not neccessarily any more demanding stuff then my natural riding, just more intense.

    I like popping of little rocks and roots I stumble upon but am not that into huge jumps or drops (not to say I don’t enjoy both those things, just in smaller sizes than most of you probably).

    What would you buy?

    Shortlist right now:
    Cotic Rocket
    Banshee Spitfire
    Nukeproof Mega TR
    (Commencal Meta AM)

    I’ve been anticipating a end-of-season price drop on the Mega TR which in itself could be a deciding factor, but since the 26″ version is going to stay exactly the same I guess I might be waiting in vain?

    I’m right between sizes on the Meta, meaning that either I’m unlikely to get enough seatpost insertion or I’ll end up with too long a frame, so sadly I’ve more or less decided against it (more ramblings about this issue to be found here).

    The Transition Bandit was at the top of that list until just a minute ago when the distributor informed me that they’re sold out in 26″ guise forever. Bummer.

    Second-hand market is pretty poor for these kind of frames here in Sweden so let’s assume that isn’t an option.

    Is the Spitfire too much of a plush mow straight through everything kind of bike for me? Maybe the same could be said for the Meta as well if we are to include that in the discussion?

    The Cotic is often described as poppy, agile and “short travel feel until you need it”. A bit expensive after adding headset and Kashima shock (which is already included with the Spitfire).

    Mega TR – just a less pretty Bandit? Cheapest and lightest of the bunch. Possibly the best pedalling too?

    Orange five or the alpine for a bit more of an all mountain feel

    Premier Icon andyecc

    That’s a total bummer if they really are sold out of 26″
    There appear to be a good few available in uk shops according to Google. I don’t know if buying from a uk shop is an option for you?
    I’m seriously thinking of getting a Bandit but would really need 26″ to use my existing fork and wheels. I already have a Covert which I absolutely love but it would be nice to have a Bandit also – the Covert really is overkill for most of the riding I do.
    If the 26″ Bandit isn’t available once I’ve saved up, the other bike on my short list would be a Santa Cruz Blur Tr but that’s going to take even longer to save for!


    What size?


    Stump jumper?


    UK shop could be an option but I’ve been having a hard time finding one that has what I want in stock and ships internationally. Suggestions? That would have to be the route to take to find a 5 in 26″ guise too I guess (no swedish distributor). They also strike me as more of a point and shoot bike, but maybe I am wrong? Alpine is definitely more than I need and I’d like something to use with my existing forks.

    I’ll take a look at the SJ.

    I’m after a medium.


    Svengali- couple of medium bandits on pinkbike.

    Just received the last stealth black one in the UK (i think?!)


    Get one of those Rose bikes, a Granite Chief or whatever it’s called

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    Got a medium Enduro 06 for sale at the min if you want to go 2nd hand

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