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    I use san marco rolls on road and mountain bikes, never had a problem with them.

    Also used a Spoon in the past & never really got on with it either.

    Currently using:

    If you have a Specialized dealer nearby, they should have a rear end jig that measures the distance between your sit bones.

    With this measurement, they should have a nice range to choose from in various widths to suit.


    I’ve never been really happy with my charge spoon. I keep sliding forward on it, and my backside aches after a couple of hours riding.

    Any suggestions on something a little more comfortable for my rear end?

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    I’ve found the more generous WTB saddles v comfy and not sharp at the back when you get a drop off wrong – unlike the Spoon


    I would have said WTB rocket V, but I get on with that just as well as my spoon, so I’m not sure. See if any stores around you have saddle “rental” programs where you can try out a bunch of different ones for free or a small fee.

    If you feel that you’re sliding forward, try adjusting the saddle angle and possibly raising your bars, you should be supporting your weight on your sit bones, not your hands.

    A saddle measurement might help as well.


    Took me 4 years before finding the fizik aliante gamma xm. Expensive…but has been great.

    Got a Charge Scoop to try out on my second bike…which feels comfy so far but not really tested enough to form a good opinion.

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    Bizzarely enough I love my charge Spoon saddles. One of them has a matt finish that is actually difficult to move about on and has gone on my general hack bike.
    i used to use specialised Phenom Gel saddles but they are so dammed expensive when you bend a rail.
    If you havent got on with the minimal nature of the Charge try an SDG sofa they are really comfy too and not to bad a price.
    Alternatively change your saddle angle so its flat as it does sound like it may be nose up or you are not sitting on your sit bones properly.

    zero cool

    Pro Atherton DH saddle. I’ve found it comfortable for long hours in the saddle. Much prefer it to my old trusty Bel-Air that ‘ve been using for years

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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