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  • Help me choose a coffee pod machine please
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    Ideally under £100


    I recently got a Tassimo. I got it cheap off some friends but I think you can get it for about £75 or so. I’m a bit undecided about it so far. I’ve come from a manual espresso machine and wanted a pod machine for convenience accepting that it won’t deliver quite as good a coffee as a manual machine. The basic Costa espresso shot looks and tastes good, but I don’t like the UHT style milk that comes with the cappuccino and latte kits. I got a milk frother for Christmas so just need to find some decent espresso pods to go with it, you can’t seem to be able to get Costa Espresso pods on their own. Once I’ve cracked that I’m expecting a pretty good coffee, almost as good as my manual machine, but with a fraction of the faff.

    I’ve tried a Nespresso too, it’s much of a muchness compared to the Tassimo and differences will boil down to what coffee is available for the machines.


    We just got a nespresso krups machine a bit like this one

    It’s very good. Got £70 of vouchers too when we registered it


    Another vote for Nespresso, if you can get one in budget. I have a Citiz Milk, which hits all my requirements for an easy espresso, a ‘normal’ black coffee and an occasional breakfast latte or capucinno with the milk whizzer. I was worried that I would get bored with every coffee tasting the same but with a choice of 10-12 basic varieties, plus extras, each cup tastes different enough to remain interesting… Or, of course, find the one you like and stick with that.

    Various friends, family have different machines, but nespresso – to my mind – are the ones that have hit the realistic, least artificial but still easy coffee experience.

    Not sure what the pods cost in the UK, but I pay the equivalent of about 30p per cup. I drink no more than one or two a day, so that is fine by me. You can mail order the pods but I find delivery is expensive. Would be more appealing if there was a stockist for the pods near where you live.

    Nooo. If you’re after good coffee for not much money, you’d be better off getting an aero press and spending the difference on freshly roasted coffee. If you’re after convenience, just get Nescafé and pocket the difference.

    If you want proper espresso, bypass the pod machines and get a Gaggia or Silvia.


    Nespresso U here. Had it 12 months and its brilliant – my sister has a Tassimo and the coffee tastes rubbish in comparison.
    Obviously you ‘could’ find a cheap espresso machine but personally life’s too short for all that hassle (and that’s coming from a niche razor man!).
    Nespresso just work and taste great.


    I have a Tassimo and love it. Works really well with the Costa pods. Have seen machines recently for under £50 and there are loads of pod offers on currently. I’ve used nespresso and didn’t like it – everyone’s tastes are different I suppose. Maybe look at the brands and types of pods available with each.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    don’t get senseo, unless you like dishwater with a hint of foam on top. dreadful machines.

    nespresso is certainly in the reasonable budget level, presumably because they make all their money on the pods. i’d get one if they sold the pods in the supermarket, or available in your normal tesco/ocado order, but as they don’t, I won’t.


    John Lewis were selling a Nespresso U in black @ £69.00 with £40.00 credit towards pods, might be worth a look?


    We have a nespresso and I like it. Mum just got a nescafe dolce gusto thing and I think it’s nicer, though.

    Got a Krups Dolce Gusto for x,as and love it.
    I like mocha and cappuccino’s and they taste great. Big choice of coffee types too


    Here we go. Again.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    We’ve never had a problem finding a decent selection of Nespresso pods in supermarkets…

    Premier Icon unknown

    Got my Mrs a senseo for Xmas, I don’t drink coffee but she’s a bit of a coffee snob and says she loves it. Maybe she’s being polite but I doubt it as the pods are being used at quite a rate!


    I bought a Tassimo recently for ‘instant easy espresso’…. Don’t do it, you will be disappointed.

    The espresso pods are available from Tesco, 2 packs for £6. I’ve tried some of the other types for long blacks etc and wouldn’t bother. The espresso is not great. It has a funny tasting foam on the top and not much crema.

    I’m a bit disappointed really though my usual kit is a Silvia plus a decent grinder so maybe a £40 machine is an unfair comparison.

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