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    If I were you, I’d wander round a few dealerships, see if anything takes your fancy. Sometimes, what you get in your head as perfect just doesn’t work for you when you actually sit in it.


    Going to Motorpoint in Derby this afternoon…might test drive a few and see what happens 🙂

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    Motorpoint is fine for a look. I wouldn’t take your wallet though.


    Long story short…I’ve got an opportunity to buy a car as come into some inheritance money and the second car is ready for retirement (17 year old Mazda 323).
    Our ‘good’ car is a safe (dull but nice) ’59 Kia Ceed (still under warranty) which I use for daily 55 mile round trip on the M1 – even then it’s not good on fuel. The Mazda is just a fuel-guzzling local runaround. No kids – rarely more than 2 in any car.
    I’ve always had smallish, dull and underpowered cars – Polo, Clio (even the Ceed).
    As I’m doing 250 motorway miles a week I thought I’d go for something small and very fuel-efficient – we’ve got use of a Suzuki Swift this weekend (1.2) which is good on fuel but ploddy and a bit dull TBH – it doesn’t make me grin put it that way. It would be an ok, ‘that’ll do’ type car.
    As I said, through the worst possible circumstances, I now have a potential (if I want it to be) decent budget to buy a far more desirable car than I’ve had before – bigger engine etc. I don’t want to be stupid and buy a TT for example…I’ve always liked Golfs (not very exciting I know but depends on which one). I like the Gulietta too but a sportier one, and a Volvo T30 believe it or not (which is a big car)
    So in a nutshell I want a NICE car thats good on fuel, low tax, has a bit of poke and could get bikes in the back if need be (Use Thule 591s on the Ceed), and low mileage (not more than 20k on the clock).
    This is probably the one time I buy a WANT car instead of a NEED car.
    Any pointers welcome!
    PS The mother-in-law bought a Chrysler Crossfire in the same scenario 7 years ago and she was 63 at the time!

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    Or expect to be able to test drive “a few” most of the car supermarkets have test drives very late in the process to save them the time of people browsing.


    VW Golf or Passat diesel. Well (over) damped and good for stress free commuting. Go for DSG box too.

    With the Golf you cant go wrong in auto/DSG IMO for what you need.


    Honda Civic Tourer?


    I’d go for a golf. Have two VW’s in our house and both have DSG. It’s brilliant.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Mk7 Golf GT TDI 150.


    With the Golf you cant go wrong in auto/DSG

    But the ‘box can. Quite regularly in some cases…..


    Not long back.
    Tried this:

    And this:

    The Volvo is a real looker – never thought I’d like a red car or even a Volvo for that matter (would possibly get in white if it comes down to it though).
    Really nice drive – stunning condition in and out – feels and looks like a real premium car.
    Every gizmo and gadget known to man.
    The glass-half-empty aspect of me thinks of the cost of servicing (though its a Ford engine apparently), tyres, when gizmos go wrong ie the mirrors have cameras on them so there are no blind spots.
    Not much longer than the Golf but still an estate at the end of the day.
    The Golf was surprisingly lively – not as tricked-up as the V60. Feels a bit more ‘me’ – the Volvo almost seems like too much car for me though I love it. Golfs are everywhere and common in comparison but then there’s a good reason for that.
    I would shop around for the ACTUAL car as I’m sure they can be had for better prices but like them both.
    The Ceed might have to go just after the Mazda in order to get one of these plus the wife’s Swift.

    Hmmm….need to crunch MPG stats etc in order to make the right decisions…who’d have thunk getting a new car could pose so many questions!

    PS Anyone got either of these 2 cars?


    Recession white?
    Taxi white?


    On a side note if the engine in the Volvo is the ‘Ford’ 1.6Diesel , is this the same one that is actually sourced from Citroen/Peugeot which is reputedly the work of the devil?

    Besides that I really like the Volvo its just that little bit different than the golf.
    Others to consider:-
    Mini Countryman
    New shape Merc A-class
    Skoda Yeti.

    Premier Icon bruk

    Budget as above I would go for a BMW 3 series 320 d. Had a petrol one and lovely car to drive and be in ( till it snowed about a foot)

    Good economy, get ones with lots of toys and will feel pretty special to be in.

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