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  • Panniers are the way forward.


    Panniers on a proper rack is the only way of the true commuting warrior, I’ve got an Altura Urban one and it’s great, nothing’s got wet inside it yet in 2 years

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    Carradice super c saddle bag on SQR mount for me. 18 litres of capacity. 100% waterproof. Old skool style to boot. Ive been using mine for over 5 years now. It carries my waterproofs, tools, overnight stuff if needed, netbook and chargers and flask of coffee for the train.

    I fitted a shoulder strap to it for off the bike carrying. Here it is being used for touring.


    I ride an 99 Kona Kapu which has no mounting hardware for racks and panniers. The LBS said the clip on ones are rubbish, so I thought a bag would be best.


    I’m about to retire my Manhattan Portage bag that’s served me well for 7 years.

    So I would like to know what you STW commuters are using to lug stuff to and fro. The current bag is Ok but on a road bike isn’t very stable when fully loaded.

    It will need to accommodate the tools, tubes, clothes, shoes, waterproofs, on average about 8kg.

    As a French friend used to say ‘My hears are open” and I look forward to your pearls of wisdom.


    Holy crap, 8kg of stuff. Depends how long is your commute. I carry around 6kg and just use a Deuter ACT Trail 32 rucksack. Good harness and adjustable everything. It’s ok for my 12 mile total commute, but anything longer I would like to have the weight on the bike rather then me.

    So I would say panniers or the Carradice look good as well. But again 8kg seems like a lot, I need to have frankenstein special safety shoes that weigh a ton but without them it would weight 3kg tops.

    Do you need waterproofs with you all the time? Do you have full mudguards on the bike?

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    Topeak seatpost mounted rack and DX bag (the one with the fold out panniers). My commuter’s got rack mounts but it’s so simple to just clamp on and off (and use as my bag by my desk in the office), it sits quite high and is fairly aero as panniers go. It’ll take a maximum of 10kg, I think, but mine happily holds tools & tube, backup drive, phone, money, keys and some toast for breakfast in the top bit, then my packed lunch in one side and a waterproof in the other (with room to spare all round).

    Easy detachability also means the bike transforms into your (rackless) evening / winter trainer without the need of an allen key.


    Can you not leave shoes at work? That makes a big difference to what you’re carrying


    I use a the topeak Dx on a qr beam rack. Holds all my stuff clothes shoes tool and tube and the all important lunch.
    Bonus for this rack is i can just clip it off and on between my bikes.


    Aldi rucksack.. job done


    8kg!!!! Sounds like you need to sort your regime out. What do you carry and how far is your commute?

    Also if your bike does not have braze ons for a rack you can use P Clips.

    For me it depends on the distance – shart journeys of a couple of miles the rucksack reduces faffage. Longer distance the comfort of panniers becomes more important


    I reckon my bag weighs about 8kg when it has my laptop and clothes in it. (The laptop weighs 5kg and this includes my tools/tubes/etc), I’d be surprised if you’re actually getting close to that in reality.

    But as above, panniers are probably the way. I use a courier bag but that’s me.

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    Carradice super c saddle bag on SQR mount for me. 18 litres of capacity. 100% waterproof.

    I have one as well and they are great. Dont need any brackets or fittings on the bike – it fixes straight to your seat post.

    Customer service is second to none as well!

    I can rent you my cocker spaniel but your stuff will end up smelling of fox shit and covered in burrs.. Tenner a day.


    Thanks for the offer of the dog, I could use our spaniel but she’d just chew the bag then give the contents a good lick.

    8kg includes the bag which just weighs over 1 kg on it’s own, it has a 33ltr capacity and I do fill it on occasion.

    The wieght doesn’t bother me, it’s just the stability. I work freelance so in average my commute is 15-20 per day.

    The carradice looks like a good option.


    I had a similar dilemma and eventually went for an Osprey Momentum 34 back which I’ve found hard to fault since I’ve been using it. I get my laptop and everything I need for a day at work without any problems whatsoever

    I have a Carradice SQR tour, 18 litres and has d rings for strapping stuff to.
    I belive they are good for 10kg.
    Used it for some lightweight touring recently and it is just the ticket.

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