HELP!! Knocking sound from offside front brake on car and about to go to France

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  • HELP!! Knocking sound from offside front brake on car and about to go to France
  • wobbliscott

    You can’t misalign the caliper but it could be possible that the disk is not square – they might have taken the disk off in the process of replacement of the coil. It might be the case that the pads wear in over more miles and alleviate the situation. Probably not a problem in the short term, but might need some new pads earlier than normal. A guy at work was driving his car with his handbrake partially engaged for years due to a seized mechanism and he didn’t spontaneously combust.


    Phone the AAA or rac and ask their advice it could be safety critical, a van we had at work also had a seized handbrake it eventually caught fire and burnt itself out.


    It may also be a seized whel bearing, jack front wheel up and rock wheel side tro side there shouldnt be any sideways play.


    I’d be tempted to see if I could hire something for your trip or at least make sure you have euro cover for a recovery service


    Can you reschedule the ferry and maybe get the garage to check it out tomorrow? I don’t think I’d set off on a trip to France with an existing problem, especially where it could be a safety issue. I don’t like the idea of a “red hot” disc.

    b r

    take the wheel off and look to see if there is something ‘obvious’?

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    could be the pad wonky in the caliper and nor retracting properly. if you have breakdown cover just call them out saying you’re worried it’s not safe to drive.


    Could be a number of reasons, some of which are above. Are the wheel nuts torqued correctly? Another possibility is a binding brake due to sticky caliper or pads not moving and retracting properly. Could well be wheel bearing, with the rotor dissipating the heat before it gets to the wheel.

    Sort before leaving would be my vote as they all have potential to be rather inconvenient.

    Good luck

    Cheers for the replies so far, definitely think it’s brake related as zero noise pre service.

    It’s not pulling to the left at all and mpg remained steady yesterday.

    As I did 350 miles yesterday and I didn’t blow up I’m going to risk 30 miles Plymouth today and 60 tomorrow. Got euro cover as it’s a company car to so will give them a call from France.


    Had my car serviced on Wednesday and they replaced the offside front suspension coil.

    When I set off cold there is a tsk tsk tsk from the offside front brake, loud when the brake is applied, which quietens as things warm up but at the end of a drive from Leeds the Bodmin yesterday the disc was Red hot.

    The rim remains cool.

    I’m thinking misaligned caliper but any thoughts?

    I’m on a ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff this afternoon to no time to sort in the UK.

    Update- just had it up on a jack and it spin with some resistance but there is a definite sticking point that it passes.

    Randomly there has been an RAC man with another car where we are so had a chat and he thinks it’s likely pad alignment and said it it was serious the brakes would have overheated and failed by now, going to get it looked at in France.

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    It’s not a stone stuck in it us it…I picked a mate up once, that had a pebble driveway. Once back on the road could hear a tick, tick noise. Was a pebble lodged in it.

    Other issue might be a badly fitted pad retaining clip. Local garage fitted ours in a hurry once, & didn’t fit the clip properly. That was a tick, tick noise before the clip fell off. From then on it rattled constantly, but was only audible with the car windows open.


    I’d say seized calliper either through corrosion or a damaged brake flexi


    Possible seized calliper piston (garage would have pushed it in when replacing the spring) or pads not seated correctly.
    If the wheel gets hot then it’s probably the piston, in which case it’s a replacement calliper.

    edit; didn’t read your update with the info from the RAC man 😳

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