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  • nwill1

    Currently in the process of accumulating parts to build my HT back up, beings a bare frame right now it seems an ideal time to give it a new coat of paint. I’ve been trialling the web trying to find something to find something a bit different and have come across something that’s taken my fancy, only thing is I need to identify the RAL!

    It’s a Chromag Stylus & appears to be fairly common colour for the stylus… (If anyone can put the photo into the thread much appreciated)

    Any help welcome, cheers.


    I was of the same opinion 1007, but obviously not taking into consideration lighting or monitor calibration.

    Would Chrag be likely to tell me, also do they use RAL in the US?


    Yeah. Send them an email saying you want some touch up paint for your frame 😉


    Might not be a RAL. There are a number of different colour pallets. RAL is just one, Pantone being another.

    Its complicated to try and match a colour. Easiest thing to do would be to go to wherever you want to get it painted and talk to them. They will have the official swatches for the powders/paints that they use and you’ll be able to pick one that best matches. You would struggle to the point of it being impossible to do this accurately on a computer.

    Top tip is to look at in several light sources. Different lights have different wavelengths that make them up. So if you will predominantly be admiring the colour of your bike outdoors then it is best to check the colour outdoors. Look up metamerism – or think about buying something you thought was black only to walk outside and realise it is navy etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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