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  • Help I need to choose my next hardtail
  • coldhams1

    Looking to change my frame to one of the following

    Ragley bluepig
    On One 456 summer season
    On One 456 carbon.

    I really fancy the carbon but wondered if anyone had any advice. I mostly ride trail centres as time is tight.
    like to ride fast on the downhill and attempt to ride the up hill.

    Any one got any thoughts

    Premier Icon brant

    I must be doing something right 🙂


    If you are considering the 456SS and the 456C it seems odd that you aren’t considering the standard 456.

    Anyway, lots of threads on all those bikes.

    The 456C and standard 456 have a more conventional geometry. The Ragley is apparently better at steep downs and steep ups (i.e. ‘technical’ terrain). The 456SS has quite a slack head-angle compared to the 456C and standard 456, and unless you are using it as a DH hardtail, is probably best ridden with a slightly shorter fork (100-120mm?) as some kind of hooligan bike.

    Pick the one with the nicest colours.


    If the warranty is good I’d go carbon. Failing that the std 456. I didnt like the head angle on the SS, was too slack for me. That said, I’ve never tried a std 456, just an Inbred, & they are way more competent than you’d think.


    Dialled PA

    I’m having exactly the same dilemma. Heart says blue pig based on how I like to rife, but I’ve always wanted a carbon bike and the on one is just such good value. Just worried it might be a bit too “xc” for my kind of riding.


    Kingdom legion v2


    Dialled Alpine? Certainly not too XC.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Dunno about advice but I can say my carbon 456 has been sensational.

    Definitely the best bike I have owned, and I’ve got through a fair number the last few years.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’d worry about all the carbon and all those rocks at Trail centres.

    Have a look at Genesis also. The Latitude is a great bike (I have one) for XC and trailcentres as is the Core. The Latitude is steel so very compliant. You’ll get comfort & control & a 120mm fork to suit.

    Fyi I’ve ridden mine everywhere, including racing it, and its currently getting rave reviews in MBR as a long termer…

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Like the look of the 456.
    …fwiw I love my current Whyte 19c which replaced a BeOne Team HT … Both mental to ride up and down hills !

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