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  • forred

    I’m thinking of taking the plunge on a new BFe but I’m stuck on fork choice.
    Some info….
    6’3 16 stone ish in birthday suit.
    Will Ride all sorts from tracks with the kids, trail centres and across at the lakes (although rarely).
    I’m after advice on fork choice…
    I could go the used u-turn route (revs, sectors or even pikes) 140 to 110mm ish ??
    Splash out on some fox talas 150 to 120mm (450 quid though).
    Or how about this… Domain u-turn. 160 to 100mm. New for £200.
    I keep going back to looking at the Domains. They are cheap. I know they are heavy but so am I. They are the RC version.

    What’s the best way to go? Any one used Domains on a hardtail?
    Do I need lock out feature?



    Domains are agricultural. I’d suggest used pikes or 55s with a firm spring

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    I had some U-turn lyriks on my BFe which were bang tidy – sold them on for between £200 and £250 at 3 years old and that seemed to be the going rate. I’d have a scout around the second hand market as you can do better than domains for that frame.

    Check out the classifieds for a guy selling dt swiss exm 150 forks, I run them on my bfe and there great, light for a 150 fork, plenty stiff with 15mm axle and torsion box. Launch control for the climbs.

    I previously had u turn revs but could never be bothered to drop them down while out riding and the dt’s are a much better controlled fork.

    Haven’t found the need or missed having lock out due to adjustable low speed compression. I weigh more than you and they have never missed a beat!


    Uturn pikes on mine. 140mm is plenty for my riding including some in the peak.


    I’m running 130mm bombers on mine and it seems fine. Admittedly they’re older ones so are quite long…I’m not to fussed about adjustable fork travel because it was a pain on my Pikes with U Turn.

    I’d avoid the Domains…they’re cheap for a reason. I’d rather buy some nicer second hand forks for the same money.


    uturn lyriks here

    tricky dicky

    Air Pikes work really well. I’m similar build to you. I have a set of Air Sektors on my BFE at present and they just feel a little wobbly by comparison. I had a set of 55 rc3ti which were awesome on downhill sections but made climbing tough for me.

    Premier Icon darrell

    im using some fox vanillas on my Bfe. Works great


    Hi have a gen 1 Bfe, and ride with Rockshox Revs at 140, occasionally reduced down to 120…

    I like air springs – and I weigh around 20 stone ( :oops:) – with no issues

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