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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Look at your bike with your saddle up. Measure the amount of post showing from the frame to the rails. (Exposed Length)
    Get the tech specs or find a post in the shop and measure how much length is taken up by the collar and a different head design. (Gubbins)

    Then Exposed Length – Gubbins = Amount of Drop

    You then need the right amount inside the frame.
    From a previous post, simple answer as much drop as you can get away with/afford 🙂 Not sure on the “Gubbins” measurement from the current Reverb.


    Hi all.

    I could do with a little professional help.
    I know this is probably a no-brainer for most of you, but over thought it and could do with some clear advice.

    I’m considering buying a Rockshox Reverb Seatpost

    I currently riding a Whyte 905 (M, 17.9″) — with a 30.9mm x 400mm seatpost.
    Great on ascends but doesn’t get low enough on the descends.

    I’m looking at 30.9 355mm MMX Left 100mm travel OR 30.9 380mm MMX Left 125mm travel

    As I have no experience in ‘Reverbs’ I don’t want to get one that’s too small or one that’s not worth the change?

    Any help, support or advice would be greatly appreciated!




    30.9 100 x 355 are really hard to find, I bought one last week from[/url]
    Ordered it on Wednesday afternoon, arrived the next day …and they pricematched Chainreaction ;o)


    I went through this a few weeks ago.
    Measure from your seat post from clamp to seat rails when in your highest required position.
    A 125mm needs 190mm min showing.
    A 100mm needs 160mm min showing.
    The total length of the post is decided by what you need in the frame.
    I bought a 100/355 as I have 170mm out and 185mm in.
    If you wanted a 100 and had 260mm out that would only leave 95mm in so you would need a longer one.
    If you want the button underneath get a right hand for the left and vice versa.


    Measure how much seat post you currently have exposed, deduct the collar dimensions of the reverb (prob about 50mm). This is the length travel you need.

    Max extension is full height for pedalling, min height slammed to the frame for gnarr.

    If you have more exposed than the max travel post then you’ll have to have some reverb post showing, which is no prob (as long as it’s not past the “max” mark) but just means the saddle won’t be slammed to the frame in the lower position.


    Thanks everyone!!!!
    Makes total sense now.
    Can’t wait,


    Premier Icon kiwifiz

    Hi Paul

    Cheeky plug here….have a 125mm 30.9 420 left hand remote (for right underside bar mount) 2012 for sale with bleed kit near new condition (used for two months approx 8 rides with my old rockhopper frame before a mk2 soul frame upgrade made it prematurely redundant. Held on to it for friends who were interested but then defaulted. And have never quite got round to putting it on eBay. A purchase of a 27.2 Lev for my Soul last week means I really do need to recoup funds and balance the books. Drop me an email if interested (see profile).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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