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    got an 08 tricross and had an 08 kona jake for 3500miles ….

    jakes a nicer bike to ride both on and off road – geometry is nicer and the ride is more complient.

    imo anyway(still got the jake just its on the other side of the world ….. and it was gonna cost more than a jake to get it here ! )

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    I have a tricross 08 for sale

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    Thanks guys & Rik, saw your Spesh for sale…. mmmm thing is its cyclscheme im afraid.

    anyway what about the genesis Vapour or Croix de Fer ?? or Kinesis Crosslights ??

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    I bought a 2010 tricross two months or so back for commuting, although I have also done a trail center red with it and done a number of off road stuff thats not-graded. I love it!

    I have the triple as I have some big hills near by where I stay for weekend training (tak ma down and crow road) and I am weak 🙂

    Good points:
    – Feels very roady to me coming from a MTB for the commute. I do 10 miles each way.
    – Multiple position stem allows a wide range of angles on the bar to allow me to get used to drop bars in increments. Some people feel that its a very upright bike but it is ideal for the commute for me.
    – No brake judder on 2010 versions.
    – Tyres that come with it work of road and on road for me.
    – Wheel set is surprisingly strong – I usually snap spokes on new wheels and need to get them re-spoked with stronger spokes. These have stayed true despite so very bad riding!
    – Drop bars are very good for getting low and out of the wind.
    – 7 speed means cheap chains and cassettes as they die in the winter for me.
    – Carbon forks reduce road buzz a lot, they are very comfy.
    – Top tube shape is very cool!
    – Saddle is very nice.
    – Drop bars are ace off road. Seriously considering cable disks and drops for the MTB. The bike is very agile with them and you feel like you are flying!
    – The mini V brakes are amazing at stopping you.

    Bad points:
    – It doesn't look very bling. It will be the last bike thats stolen from a bike rack though. In a year or two its getting re-sprayed to a nice colour.
    – Shifters, I would have preferred to have both levers reachable from the drops rather than the little thumb wings. Not a huge issue though.
    – The wheel set will take 700 x 25 tyres at the smallest, I would have liked to have fitted 700 x 23 for summer but they would be a bit small for the bike.
    – Rim brakes are chewing the rims, however rim brakes mean I can feel the part when I get round to racing it.
    – 7 speed made me feel a bit cheated until I saw the cost of replacement bits. very cheap 🙂
    – Front mud guard is hard to fit due to the way the front brake fits.

    Picture here:

    I would also look at cube and marin as well.

    My mate runs a bike shop and I was looking at a very nice Marin cross bike there at the weekend. I cant remember the model though 🙁 You could call him on 01259 76 31 09 to find out…



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    Cross bike review in one of the road mags at the moment.
    I have a jake and love it…

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