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  • Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Does the fuel hub not use an adaptor?


    Does the superstar hub have changeable adaptors ?

    EDIT : To slow.


    Why would you not just replace the broken spoke? It’ll be fine.

    You could probably ride it with a missing spoke if you don’t come off the ground too much and get it fixed reasonably soon.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ve not got much faith in the existing wheel

    Why not? Cheapest solution will be paying your LBS a small amount of money to replace the spoke.

    Fair enough if you want something lighter of course.


    The reason I can’t use the fuel hub is that it is too wide for the frame (assuming the factory 135mm is the tolerance?)

    You can buy spacers to reduce the diameter from 15mm to 9mm but my problem is the width… d’oh!

    Spoke replacement is easiest cheapest option but wanted the upgrade, looks like I’ve got a wheelset available of anyone is keen? (Purchased from blackmountainsrider last night) his ad is still live…

    Thanks for the quick response guys!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Superstar are ourt of stock of the adaptor you need…

    It would reduce the width, as you need.

    Maybe put a WTD ad up as someone might have upgraded the other way and might sell you theirs. Or email SS and ask about stock replenishment.



    Would appreciate your help on this dilemma I’ve landed myself into…

    Picked up what I thought was a good deal…

    2015 Pinnacle Ramin 5 29er (£300)

    Very clean, minor signs of usuage, rode well but only when I had it back home cleaning it, I noticed one of the spokes had snapped on the rear?

    The front wheel had been changed to a new dt swiss x1900 wheelset (all good / no issues) but the rear had the original Alex Rims and deore hub…

    In a rush to get it up and running I picked up a set of stans flow on superstar fuel hubs last night from an SS member on here but have now found out the hub width I need is 135mm not 142mm which I have picked up

    I know the answer to my question in that the new wheels won’t fit but what do you guys recommend on changing the rear? Availability on 135mm hubs are almost non existent and I’ve not got much faith in the existing wheel should I simply replace the broken spoke.

    Advice will be greatly appreciated; thanks in advance!

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Many mountain bike hubs are modular with adapters. Superstar Fuel hubs definitely are. Unfortunately SS are out of stock on the 135/QR endcaps you need and may well not get any more in as they’ve essentially dropped the Fuel.

    Just seen chapaking has given pretty well the same answer I was going to. Put up a want ad for the endcaps and someone is bound to flog you a pair for a fiver or something.

    You will probably find your local bike shop will replace a spike for you for something under s tenner, possibly they may want to keep the wheel a day or two and fit it in between jobs.

    If you’re capable of changing a tyre and wiring s plug you can replace a broken spoke very easily yourself though. The only tools you might need are ones you’ll need all the time with s bike anyway- tyre levers, spoke key and possibly tools to remove cassette (chain whip and lock ring tool)

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