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  • leighread

    I am looking to get into Enduro’s, but I’m unsure on what saftey equipment is required.

    Do I need to use a full face lid or would a All Mountain lid (e.g POC Trabec) be ok?

    Any other Enduro based indo wouls be greatly appreciated.


    Premier Icon kayak23

    The rules are specific to the series, but I’ve not heard of any UK enduro that requires a full faced helmet.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    most people go trail lid

    theres always the new met parachute!


    Umm, not really a fan of the Parachute. I was thinking the POC Trabec or there’s a new Giro.

    Thanks for the advice. Would have been put off considerably if a FF was compulsory.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I think the only enduro I’ve seen in the UK that required a fullface was the No Fuss/Bluegrass one, which pretty well demonstrated why it’s a terrible idea

    Buuut, there are people who’d chose it- after all, you’re riding as fast as you can on what’s often basically a downhill route, on a little bike, it’s not unreasonable. So you might want to take that into account.

    Me, I use my Fox Striker- sensible everyday helmet.

    I tried a Troy Lee A1 the other day it was impressively comfy but very expensive. You might want to look at a Bell super, That’s what my money is on, I’m just waiting for it to come back in stock.


    Premier Icon jamj1974

    As I have said too many times on here – love my Poc Trabecular MIPS. Really comfortable with a great fit.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    +1 for the Bell Super, comfortable with good overall coverage and I have found it to be reasonably cool (as in temperature) when riding over a long period.
    The ability to wear goggles with it are also useful when the trail gets a bit muddy or dusty.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Yeah I have the Bell super, and the ability to flip the visor up and stash your goggles is a great feature. Goggles will offer a small amount of protection in place of a full face helmet……..maybe.


    +1 for the Bell Super. A bit heavier than my last helmet which was a Specialized of some sort but also more vented which was a surprise. I’ve just started wearing goggles for any ride that I’m likely to get cold wind in my eyes. A bit of a revelation! I didn’t know how watery my eyes actually got! I park them under the peak for climbs and flip them down for the downhills. I discovered Revision Bullet Ant military goggles – look em up, they’re perfect for general riding.


    I love my Troy lee a1 and it’s close to the same price as a bell super here!

    Premier Icon scandal42

    My Endur-o-matic is mega comfy

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