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  • Helmet mounts on MIPS lids…
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    Asking a daft question, but not sure if I can mount an exposure helmet mount onto my new MIPS helmet. Will it knacker the magical MIPS fairy dust or will it be okay?

    Rational part of my head says it’ll be okay, and no warnings that I saw in the instructions etc. Irrational part of my head goes, oooh new fancy technology that I’m messing with, mainly because I’m not quite 100% sure how it works.

    The helmet shell sits above the harness and this isn’t affected by sticking a camera or light on it, ignoring the implications of having a solid object on the outer casing of the helmet…  is that right?

    Premier Icon joemmo
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    I’d doubt that having a MIPS helmet negates the potential skull puncturing ability of a externally mounted lump but it might still work as long as you don’t land on the top of your head

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    Would be nice if all helmets came with breakaway mounts for a light/GoPro etc.

    The exposure mount is all plastic so would think it would break and not interfere with the function of the helmet.

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    It will mess up the awesome footage in a different way 😀

    If any rotational injury is exacerbated by it, this should be lessened by the MIPS.

    I think Dirk is dreaming when he says it will just break away without having any effect

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    Less worried about the effect of having the light mounted on my head, as I’ll be safer descending in the dark with a light as opposed to not, but just concerned that the mount may damage the MIPS system, the more I scratch my head over it the more I think it’s not an issue.

    that would make a lot more sense than leave it up to the punter…

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    Not had any fitting issues before. Just make sure the piece of the mount inside the helmet hasn’t pinched/trapped the mips plastic cage and had z direct contact with the inside part of the helmet. If the mips plastic cage still moves freely about in the helmet I cant see why it shouldn’t be fine

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