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  • Helmet For LARGE Noggin
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    Hi Guys,

    I am getting back into the mountain biking world having been bound to the road by finances for the last 10 years. Will be investing in the new Bird Aeris 120

    I am looking for a new helmet…

    Recently I started a new job and the guys at the old place gave me a giftcard for CRC, I bought a nice 661 recon. in the largest size on CRC. low and behold it is too small, not by much, but it looks small and pinches on the temples something terrible! (if someone would like an unused 661 recon i am open to offers)

    my road lid is a Specialized Prospero 2. Xl and this fits an absolute dream and looks like it actually fits.

    Any one had a similar experience?

    what brand do a good size XL mtb helmet? something of a similar size/fit to the prospero?

    Premier Icon Ro5ey
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    Massive Helmets you say ???

    Here’s STW favourites this morn

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio
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    Bell Super helmet fits my massive swede nicely here

    Premier Icon Gunz
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    Giros fit me well (62 cm).

    Premier Icon perchypanther
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    One of these?

    Premier Icon markshires
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    When I was looking for a new helmet I tried one of those Bluegrass Goldeneyes helmet and they seemed massive.

    Premier Icon rocketman
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    Troy Lee A1 XL/XXL – absolutely massive + gobs of thick padding. Would fit a cement mixer
    Bell Super L – as above with less padding
    Giro large – pretty good if you have an Alien-shaped big head

    Avoid POC/Urge

    Premier Icon milko9000
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    I have a big head, which I think is mainly large in a front-to-back direction rather than wide. Anyway, the XL/XXL Troy Lee A1 is by an order of magnitude the most comfortable helmet I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a lot. Giro are OK for me as a second choice. Urge are no good at all but I think have started introducing a larger size on some lines which I’ve not had chance to try yet. Specialized were big but I think for different shape noggins to me, if you like their road one you might as well try their MTB.

    Premier Icon P-Jay
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    Another vote for Troy Lee from someone with an unfeasibly big dome.

    Premier Icon jeff
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    Giro were my helmet of choice for years, but now I have a Bell Super 2 and it’s very comfy. (62/63cm)

    Premier Icon stevomcd
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    Try the 7 Protection helmet.

    I got sent one in XL/XXL by mistake and it is vastly enormous…

    Premier Icon sambob
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    XL/XXL A1 is so unbelievably comfy on my massive head, it’s like being given a head hug by a giant marshmallow.

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