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  • legend

    With Enduro races looking like they are increasingly going down the full-face helmet route, I’m thinking about getting hold of backpack/hydration park with good helmet securing capabilities. Are there any that are particularly good or bad?

    I’ve noticed the Camelbak one reduced and Sport Pursuit (post reported) have Dakines (particularly the Drafter) on sale. Either of these worth buying?



    The Dakine Nomad on there looks like a good buy. I had a Dakine Apex which is very similar and was a brilliant bag but the zips keep popping open now so I have had to retire it.

    I now have an Evoc Freeride Trail and that too is great, it sits better than the Dakine and has a back protector as a bonus. However the Apex did hols a helmet better especially a FF one. I think this is because the front panel on the Dakine is a lot thicker and has more webbed sides.


    Thanks Ache, I was thinking about the Drafter just to keep the size/weight down but the Nomad does look good too.

    I’m surprised that no one else has any input? Thought the STW masses might have be right into this subject

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    I’ve got a Nomad, love it!

    Haven’t ridden with a helmet in it, but have been sad enough to try it in the garage and it all seems nice and secure.

    It’s not as big a pack as I feared either when I ordered it, perfect size for normal riding.


    FWIW I went up snowdon with my FF on the back of my Apex and it was fine. I wouldn’t want to do any twisty DHs with it on there as it would move around a lot but climbing with it was fine.


    I use a drafter, personally i think its the perfect size, slightly bigger than a Mule with more internal pockets for things, dedicated pump pocket etc..

    Hydration pack wise its superb, no problems with it at all. Bite valve works well, click fit connections etc…

    My only small annoyance is the fact you have to undo the helmet carrying straps to get into the bag properly. Nothing major but they should have put the straps onto the front of the bag not onto the back side of the zip.

    Its been out in all kinds of weather and kept everything dry, including my phone in the phone pocket on the outside.


    I have an osprey escapist which is brilliant for putting a normal helmet on but very fiddly for my full face, i’m sure there are that many bags available that do have fittings for full face helmets.

    I find it easier just to sling my full face over my bars.


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    Anyone else quickly read the thread title and have something like this spring to mind?



    try the Camelbak Havoc

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