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  • Helmet Cams advice please…
  • Premier Icon tinsy
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    Seems to be 2 types, a self contained unit or a bullit camera linked to a camcorder.

    What you using and are you happy with it?

    I use this now but rekon I could do better!!

    Premier Icon forge197
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    I use a POV VIO1 bullet cam to a ruggerdised recorder unit also has a remote control, very pleased with results see here but watch in high quality You Tube Videos it’s not cheapest but it is very good.

    Premier Icon Gephaudio
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    I am using a Oregon ATC5K, but had to purchase a skatebord helmet to get the righ angle, good quality about 1.5 hours on a 4Gb card. However need lithium batteries for cold weather.

    Premier Icon eldridge
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    I’ve got an Oregon ATC3K too

    Very good so far – echo the comment about Lithium batteries – I used mine on Whistler in temp of -6C with no probs.

    Here’s a sample


    Premier Icon ozzo
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    I use a DV500 from – see some movies here – the quality varies as I’ve been trying various compression techniques but the Borrowdale bash one is the latest and greatest.

    Premier Icon coffeeking
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    Personally I get cheesed off with my ATC(2K but uses the same recording technology as the 3 and 5K) – it uses a CMOS sensor (rather than a CCD) which has a rolling shutter – when you get any sort of vibration (think knobbly tyres on pavement, or rough track) the picture starts to "wobble" like the wavey effects they used to use for dream sequences in films. Heres a vid of it on the bar mount (Rivington Rock Road/Ice Cream Run, the youtube image quality is poor even in high Q mode, the actual raw cam output is nicer but still has the wobble), its obviously better on the helmet mount but its yfairly hard to mount it securely on a rounded object, but when it all comes together nicely its great. And its very waterproof, so you can take it kitesurfing where vibrations dont affect it!

    Premier Icon jwr
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    I’m using a VIO POV.1 as well. The results are pretty good considering the amount of compression that is taking place. I was put off the other units due to the shimmering effect described by coffeeking. The only all-in-ones I have seen which do not suffer from this flaw are the POV.1 or the VHoldr.

    I put a couple of my initial attempts at videoing on Vimeo. Note that the raw footage is considerably clearer as Vimeo recompresses the videos that are uploaded.


    Premier Icon any2wheels
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    superb footage ozzo……just ordered a dogcam bullet camera, 520 TVL, gonna rig it up with an archos 405 2GB (+Card) solid state recorder…..hopefully get similar results….

    Premier Icon piedidiformaggio
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    I ordered one of the GoPros from the ST shop this morning, I’ll post some footage from it when it arrives.

    I have just had a (probably silly) thought. I may try attaching it (somehow) to my Flexifoil Buzz Kite. You never know, might work!

    Premier Icon pushbikerider
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    We recently treated our club to one – an Archos 405 media player/recorder (like an iPod) with the matching Archos helmet cam.

    Very pleased with the setup and it gives pretty decent footage too – have a peek at:
    BigfootMBC’s Vimeo page

    Only issue was with the helmet mount which is a bit pants – we’re using a slightly padded USE Joystick helmet mount which is just the job…

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