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  • sooo ive never used one before, and wud like to know what other cams are around that you guys and gals are using.
    just seen a reasonably cheap one on ‘weregadgets.co.uk’ and its a Tony Hawkes helmet cam… anyone using one of these…..

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    They are a real PITA to get pointed in the right direction.

    My next one will have a screen so I can check the aim.


    I got an ACT2k from toys r us (25 quid- they are selling them off so probably none left now)

    The pic is ok for the price but the sound is really awful. Nevertheless, 25 quid is ok for a few memories

    Heres a clip from mine…

    i’m saving up for a contourhd made by vholdr. awesome stuff.
    definitely need it by the time i head to morzine.


    Go Pro Hero Wide are really popular.

    I had an ATC2K – It was useless so returned it. I’ll be getting one of the new VholdR Contour HD cameras.

    The footage quality is close to a PoV for half the money. No screeen though, but it does have lasers to line it up unlike those crappy oregons.
    Downhill vid from sea otter here, with a lot of others on the site including a comparison to the other main competitors.

    No I don’t work for them, but have been doing my research 🙂

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    I have tried a few of these, firstly tried the Tony Hawk one and wasn’t too impressed with it. Vholdr is good, v. robust and better quality recording but will be selling mine soon as I have found a better solution, mini DV with a bullet camera. The wires are a bit of a hassle compared to the Vholdr, however the ability to view what you have filmed is useful.


    …though there’s always room for more research 🙂 I just watched the “comparison” video. Very interesting side by side, but it maybe needs a bit more of a wide angle maybe? The POV and the GoPro seem to get more in the frame on close shots.

    you’re not the only one doing your research crell ha ha. saw that comparison vid a week ago but the contourhd still wins it for me.
    i downloaded the vids too to get a real good idea of the quality etc. hope they hadn’t compressed it much if at all.


    I bought a gopro hero wide a few weeks back for our trip to the Alps in July, been out testing it since and im very impressed with the quality of the footage and the versatility of it.

    Not the most exciting or hardcore video but heres an example of the quality….
    GoPro Hero Wide at Llandegla

    I guess it depends what you want to do.

    You will *gasp* get what you pay for 🙂

    have fun shopping !


    p.s. and being slightly more helpful – the above suggestions are good starting points.


    Don’t forget the new kid on the block, the tachyon xc…
    But it’s only available direct from the states, so potential import tax?


    GoPro Hero Wide here.

    Love the fact that you can get lots of different mounts for it, which opens up possibilites for lots of interesting angles

    Here is an example using the Chest mount and the Ride mount. The Ride mount was mounted on the seatpost for some of the footage and a chainstay as well.

    The mounts are absolutely rock solid – as you can see


    I just recently got the VholdR ContourHD and have got to say it is amazing. The quality is so crisp, it’s so much better than the normal cameras and it’s so light too. It’s really easy to attach to your helmet for simple hands-free recording and it’s wire-free too.

    It’s great – I’d definitely recommend it!!

    that link doesnt work Alex ?

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    Anyone tried the Mini DVR1 from Dogcamsports? £200 and looks handy. You can view the screen whilst the camera is in position, spec seems ok too.
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    Tony Hawks helemt csm is a pile of Sh**e. I purchased one for my Brother a while back, it got used once then slung in the back of the cupboard.

    I then saved up my wee pennys and then bought the VIO POV-1. It is unreal – so good! Expensive but brilliant.

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    I’ve got the mini DVR camera, think it is quite good, only used it for test and like the way you can view recordings. The unit is really small as well.

    Tony Hawks cam, not up to the job.

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