Helmet/bike cameras

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  • Helmet/bike cameras
  • Mounty_73

    Birthday coming up and I am thinking of and looking at cameras for a few rides and bikepacking trips. I dont want to spend too much, so go pro is out.

    Any basic half decent cameras out there worth looking at?

    I thought I would ask on here first before spending hours and hours in a minefield. 🙂


    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    I have one of these

    Olfi® | HD Action and Lifestyle Cameras | Official Store

    Crash replacement, not too expensive, great quality too. The phone app is a doddle to use and the accessories not too expensive. Used it a few times and very impressed.
    The only niggle is battery life of about 2 hrs.

    I bought one recently and a minefield it certainly is – there’s just so much choice it’s impossible to choose!

    In the end, I bought an Akaso V50 Pro and I’m impressed with the quality. Native 4K at 30fps with image stabilisation gives a very smooth, sharp picture. I’ve been using it on my motorbike.

    Premier Icon DezB

    It is a minefield indeed! My Shimano CM-200 battery only lasts 20 bloody minutes now! Useless crap. Shame cos it had a good app. So I went back to the previous model Shimano cam that I had and the battery still lasts over 2 hours on it. Then, last night, someone tries to kill me overtaking on a blind bend – and that’s the only bit of the hour or so ride that the cam didn’t capture!
    So, anyway the replacement I chose, after hours of browsing is a Polaroid Cube. But it needs an adapter to fit to the bracket I have. Waiting for that to turn up and not had a chance to use it yet.

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