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  • Hello STW, does anyone know anything about memory foam mattress's?
  • kaesae

    I have decided to do the sensible thing and buy a new memory foam mattress with the money for my new forks 😡 so I have £200 to £300 budget

    I figure getting a good night sleep is more important than new forks, ****! Sometimes being sensible sucks and yes I could ride until I’m so exhausted I pass out.

    That said understanding these mattresses is a bit tricky, some online research indicates that I need a 3 to 4″ thick mattress and that I need to get a mattress that has gel that respond’s to body heat. I also want one with pockets rather than springs, I think!

    Does anyone use one of this kind of mattress or know anything about them, my budget is limited and I’m a bit pissed about being sensible and not getting my forks.

    However with my back injuries I don’t get much sleep and if these mattresses can help I **** want one!

    Any help greatly appreciated and will be reciprocated whenever you need a hand.


    how about a mattress topper made of memory foam?

    They are crap for shagging on


    Have you ever slept on a memory foam mattress before?

    I spent one night in a bed with one and was sold. Did my research, went to a good retailer with lots to choose from and spanked about £1.5k, couldn’t wait to get it home.

    However, by the end of the 2nd week with it, I couldn’t wait to get a sprung mattress back on. My girlfriend though it was alright.

    It’s now on a spare bed.

    It, like every other mattress, is quite personal thing, it would be handy if you could find somewhere that does “30 days or your money back” or try to sleep with someone who has one 🙂


    Ours came from Benson for Beds. Dunno how much it cost but it wasn’t really expensive. They were really good and let us try loads and put us on a weird machine to work out what was best for me and the missus.
    THey got it bang on…
    I have all sorts of back issues and my trips to the chiropractors have reduced massively in the 2 years we’ve had the mattress.
    It’s got to the point however that I can hardly sleep on a normal mattress without messing my back up!


    peterfile 😆 I’ll get my wolfish seduction grin out and head of to a local night club, my chat up line will be.

    alright sweet cheaks, do you have a memory foam mattress by any chance and what’s the specs on it?


    Thanks, although this is getting more complexed at least I’m pregressing in my understanding of the subject.

    Premier Icon psling

    They are crap for shagging on

    Worse than that, you take a, ahem, ‘friend’ home whilst the wife’s away and when she comes home again she’ll want to know why there’s a different profile indented in the memory foam. Bad news… 😯 😆


    I went with a 20 or 25mm topper,then if you dont like it you may well have only spent £50-£100 or so, it totally transformed my tired mattress, cant be without it now, although when i first switched i found them quite hot as the foam seemed to retain your heat better, only downside to my topper is that it seem to expand at edge of the bed as you use it and pull off my mattress sheet,but have solved that by sewing elastic strips on the top corners

    Premier Icon DezB

    We had one for a year and both got bad backs. Have gone back to pocket spring old school firm as a board.

    Premier Icon Drac

    A new Mattress will be way better than using an old one, look at Orthopaedic ones if it’s for you back.

    And don’t get conned by stores selling them get them on line way cheaper and delivered next day for free. If you must try them go to a store try them and then order online. I’ve never tried one out I just ordered them online getting a good quality one and they’ve been superb.


    Nig E5

    They can be very hot and take some getting use to. They mould to the body with heat and if there are 2 people you can both end up in the middle. Some times its extremely comfortable and some nights it give me back ache. The one we have has springs inside a foam mattress and a foam top part 100mm thick
    I have had one for a year and would not buy another


    We bought a pocket sprung memory foam matress last year. Cost £850 but worth every penny. Its the comfiest matress I have ever slept on. We dont find that you slump in to the middle.

    Orthopaedic ones are a con, not bad beds but just no different than any other bed apart from they have stamped the word Orthopaedic on it. Well so the wife said who couldnt find any clinical trials to prove otherwise.

    Cheaper ones apparently get very hot but we have found this an issue with ours.


    We got one, full thickness foam for about £300, and the Mrs loves it, which is just as well cos she sleeps in it on her own now. I hated it cos it is just so hot, so Ive got my own room now and we both sleep better, have less back issues and it halved our argument rate at a stroke.

    Premier Icon gbichan

    Had one for 5 years now and still absolutely love it. Its an orthopaedic mattress with a memory foam top layer (100mm I think) built in. My wife used to suffer from muscle spasms in her back and was recommended to get a memory foam mattress by her chiro. No spasms since! I don’t suffer from a bad back but noticed that I never wake up feeling that I’d slept in an awkward position.

    Definitely try before you buy and I think the quality of the sprung mattress is very important. They are hot though!


    If you want to try a memory foam topper we have one that after a couple of weeks we decided we did not like


    I used to know quite a lot about them but I got a conventional mattress now and have forgotten it.

    My memory has gone 😎

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’m not convinced, I don’t really like the way they mould around me. I find it too restrictive.

    My favourite thing to sleep on is a thick dense wool/natural fibre mattress pad on top of a normal mattres. Got one from Ikea – the normal mattress is, well, normal, but the pad a) dampens down the springiness of the springs and b) feels soooo nice 🙂


    I have a hybrid pocket sprung/memory foam mattress on order (think it’s a Sealy Park Lane one), after a brief shop test it seemed the most comfy to me. The cheap memory foam ones they had (around £200) were all really thin and went rock hard when lying on them, but the normal thickness ones were like £500 which is more than I wanted to spend (the hybrid one was £350 for a double). Parents have a memory foam one in the spare room so I’ve slept on one for about a week max at a time and it seemed OK, just a bit firmer than I like. My current mattress is about 20 years old and a couple of the springs poke through (they’re sharp :p ) so I reckon anything will be an improvement.

    having gone from an aged pocket sprung ortho mattress to a very expensive (well, originally, in the sale + vouchers made it a lot cheaper. list price £1200, we paid £270) M&S hybrid mattress I really can’t recommend them enough, full thickness mattresses tend to be uncomfortable if you move around a lot at night, ours is pocket sprung with a 40mm memory top and it is unbelievable. I sleep on a lot of different mattresses in hotels and this combination is always by far the most comfortable.


    I got a memory foam materess from ebay (new). From memory it was about £140 for a king size. Its very comfy, a little warmer than a regular materess, but not so much that its a problem in the summer. I can’t think of a reason to spend more money than that

    Premier Icon Gee-Jay

    Horrible things, crap for shagging on and the bottom sheet always comes untucked … nasty, nasty, nasty another one who has moved it to the spare room


    We got a topper a few years ago and it’s fab. Very very cosy and warm. yes the sheets can slip on it sometimes but other than that it’s great. Not sure I’d get an entire mattress though.


    We love ours – bought after a fair bit of lolling about on store displays. If you’re near Oxford you’re welcome to come try one out.


    Find them too hot in the summer


    We moved into a new house last year and had a need for all the extra stuff we could get from people so our pals gave us a mem foam mattress that he was allergic to (well not the matress as he is suffering from a chronic immune system problem…) and i was quite resistant.

    I subscribe to the ‘no one gets a sore back sleeping on the floor boards’ ex navy boarding school zero comfort thought gang.

    It takes 5 nights til you get used to it… You wont sleep for the first 2 and you will hate it.

    Then your body adjusts and you start to actually quite like it

    I have a couple of total PITA injuries that make sleep a bit of a lottery and i have never slept better than on this mattress. I didn’t want to like it but it seems to have won me over.

    Perhaps a topper is the way to go for you though. Cheaper too i would have thought?


    Noooo noooo noooo noooo eeee eeee eeee, a bit freaky when you start a thread and then you have a mattress add appear at the top of the screen, is that programming or just coincidence.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid 😯

    I got a sleepeezee concept 1400 mattress £270 free postage, it has 1400 pocket springs and 5cm of memory foam, I would have prefered to get 7.5cm of memory foam layer but 5cm will do, I tried a few of the sleepeezee mattress’s out in the shops and the one I bought was a good £375 to buy.

    That said the sleepeezee mattress’s aren’t listed on ebay as memory foam only sleepeezee, if I haden’t gone to the shops and seen them in there, I wouldn’t have known how popular they are and the shop prices or to get one for that matter.

    Also got a set of Pikes for £145 + £10 postage, so alls good, think I’ll get some lyrics once I can find some cheaply on the bay, I like the look of the Mission control dampening, ridefree!

    Look at BackInAction. Good info on their site and they sell their “own model” Sealy mem foam matress with a money back guarantee.

    Very happy with ours – I’ve slept on super expensive Tempur and theirs is better


    Well my memory foam mattress is awsome, really good for my back and very comfy.

    Anyone thinking of getitng one I would say for for it!


    We invested in a decent mattress a couple of years back – we were a bit skint then but needed one so we shopped around a bit as was determined to get a decent long term investment (we both value our sleep).

    The places were we got the best advise all recommended a traditional pocket sprung over a memory foam and they were all selling versions of both. Went with a pocket sprung job and its brilliant – I have not slept on one as good as ours since.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I know how to spell mattresses.


    crap for shagging on

    Genuine question…. why are they crap for shagging on?


    I am getting the feeling from reading the message on this thread plus looking for two mattresses myself that a good pocket sprung with a topping is a solid bet, whether the topping be memory foam or natural wool.

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