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  • HED rims, worth the £££?
  • 13thfloormonk
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    Just looking at replacement rims for my Kinlins. The Kinlins built up fine but I seem to be suffering more dinged rims with the Kinlins than I’ve ever suffered previously ☹️

    HED are silly money for an aluminium rim but they have a nice profile and now seem to have the Fatlip feature where they are re-enforced at the lip to reduce pinchflats and dings.

    I could afford them (and the ERD would probably let me re-use spokes which saves some cash) but don’t see any real world reviews about durability.


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    Never used them but looked recently and couldn’t find any stock outside USA

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    Yeah… suspect that will add to the already considerable cost!

    Might need to experiment with tubeless+inserts again but I was kind of enjoying the simplicity of just running tube. Weird how I managed to inflict a sizeable dent in the rim without puncturing… 🤔

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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