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  • crankboy

    I must say I was all ready to pile into this thread with tales of heavy handedness by the police but 1) he does not appear to have received a formal caution which would involve a form filling exercise at the nick but an instant caution ie roadside chat and words of wisdom. 2) if he don’t like the fixed penalty he can dispute it and have his day in court but he may well lose and someone may add in the ridding on the pavement charge which the officer appears to have not bothered with.

    looking at the law I hazard a guess any one who rides a mountain bike at night is ignored a lot by the plod when not displaying one red one white and 4 amber reflectors in the correct places .

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    So if he had only been doing 40 in a 30 in a car on a quiet road at 11pm would that have been okay?

    Are there any other Things That Are Not The Same you’d like to talk about?


    So can we confirm once and for all:

    It IS/IS NOT an offence to cycle on pavements. (Sensibly.)


    Lets see.
    Was he committing an offence?
    Was the fine etc correct legally for the offence?
    The he deserves it all and was lucky to get away with it.

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    It IS/IS NOT an offence to cycle on pavements

    it is unless the pavement is also a cycle lane.


    In which case it isn’t a pavement wwaswas. It’s a cycle lane 😉


    On the riding over the legal driving limit front there is no law against it unless you are clearly a danger to others and then I’m sure they will come up with something, that’s what a copper reliably informed me anyhow, saying he rides after 5 or 6 pints regularly


    I would rather he rode home pissed on the pavement (with or without lights) instead of jumping in a car and driving home pissed.

    That’s all very well, but totally irrelevant as he didn’t have a car. So pretty pointless.

    A more relevant comparison would be…..

    Would you prefer that he walked the 300yards home with his bike, rather than ride it home lightless and on the pavement and get a ticket for £50 ?

    Pretty simple to decide really.


    Wheres the heavy handed bit?

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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