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  • heaven of the south roll call!!
  • sofaking

    I think an ss fatbike round that course might be a bit too much.

    I think a geared fatbike was a bit too much round that course 🙂


    Really enjoyed that to, much more MTB friendly course than HONC. I under-estimated how tough the first half would be though and was ruined from the first feed stop on, not even cider on the last climb could dull the pain in my legs :p Def be back next year (and taking it easier at the start!). At least I passed the fat bikes once (at a feedstop…), they actually looked a sensible choice though on some of the loamy descents, wouldn’t have fancied one on the climbs though, did they work on the tight switch-backs in the quarry?


    My first HotS, and first time riding in the area – loved it!

    Must say thanks to all the marshals – they were all friendly and helpful.

    Enjoyed the course too, the whole golf-course/quarry/little down hill track segment was ace fun.

    we, as always, had a great time, a litlle later start for us this year (11:15!!) and drinking whilst we wait meant we were very loud and had a small audience of die hard roller racers left…

    Still great though, think i still have a hangover today!

    Next year we ride and we set up outside if the weether is as glorious as it was this year!

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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