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  • pipiom

    i really suffer as the temp drops: feet are sorted with “Happy hot feet” (sportspersuit) but my fingers/hands are already starting to go numb mid ride.

    ive tried the “teabag” single use jobbies, but I’d like something a little less wasteful.

    anyone tried these or similar:


    My mate is Joe Barnes mechanic, but he’s pretty much just a complete Engineering nerd, into allsorts. He’s managed to make Joe heated grips that have a couple of hours run time, for winter training. Sound brilliant.


    Sounds idyllic, but I’ve got 5 bikes in total; might end up a tad pricey. Great innovative idea mind.

    Aye, it just came into my head, that’s all!.

    The likes of parascenders etc use heated gloves, dunno what they’d be like in terms of dexterity etc.


    Nobeer……that’s why I thought the SS, cycling specific, ones might fit the bill.

    im just trying to find out if anyone’s tried them, before I spend that much.

    Mind you, I’ll have spent twice that much on the Amazon hot hands teabag things, over the years.


    Pogies? Stick a Whitby hand warmer inside and they’ll be too warm for gloves.

    I’ve found the problem with the thickest of lined gloves is that they get clammy over time because they don’t breathe enough. If sticking with gloves, I’d look at a ‘lobster’ or mitt and go a little oversize and wear a thin liner underneath if needed.

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    I’d consider trying the sam hill hand guards, help keep the cold air from running over/through your hands.


    My wife has Raynaud’s and uses these. They arent cheap but she rides to work as well as mtb at the weekends. We have a spare set of batteries so if we are out along time she is fine. Normally 1 set will last a 4 -5 hour ride unless you have them on max all day


    Thanks Chrismac, that’s what I wanted to hear. I’ve got the, Chemo/Rad version of Reynaulds, and even with, Aldi’s finest, ski gloves+liners, I’m struggling already. And it’s quite mild atm.

    Tried “barmitts” pogies, and although they give some relief, I struggle on all-dayers.


    Keis do a good range that are good down to -8 in chamonix in december on the motorbike.

    I’ve got some Gerbing ones for the motorbike. They are much better than heated grips because they heat the backs of the hands and fingers which are the coldest parts.  I like the idea of those Sealskins ones for the MTB.

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