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  • SiB

    was reading a post on here earlier this week that said its a myth that your head loses most body heat and there was evidence to prove it. Can anyone point me in right direction to this evidence? It would save alot of bickering in the office!


    I thought most heat loss from the head was from breathing anyway?


    If you are in arctic conditions and the rest of you is well insulated bar you r head then it will be different from a summers day in the UK – so the answer must be “it depends” 🙂


    Thanks, that will do nicely!


    I haven’t read up on the matter, but i would have thought the claim is exaggerated.

    It would also depend on whether you had a big head or not! 😆


    The reason people think that there’s lots of heat lost from the head is that it’s usually uncovered. If other body parts were uncovered they’d lose lots of heat too. It still makes sense to cover up in the cold though.

    Also there are more nerves in your head so you notice the cold more.


    Maybe its the blood supply?

    Skull caps and hats in winter are great if you shave your head.


    Working on the basis that heat rises, it is obvious that your head is like the attic of your body. This is where the heat comes out. The body has realised this and tried to insulate the area with a crop of hair. Clever body.

    There are also more holes in your head than any other part of your body which is where quite a lot of heat manages to leak out. I find that if I gel my hair into a high air retention ‘fro, plug up my ears, nose and mouth, close my eyes and walk on my hands the problem is almost entirely mitigated.



    You lose just enough heat from your head to make it worth while not wearing a helmet IMO 😉

    Extremely good blood supply to the scalp, that’s why head lacerations bleed well.

    I know the debunking of the research, I can recall that when it was published, but if that is the case why does putting on headgear make you feel warmer when it is cold outside?

    heat loss from head

    TBH, when that’s going on I’m rarely concerned about heat loss.

    the less you think the less blood in your skull therefore the less heat loss

    science fact.

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