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  • kevonakona

    Starting to try and use my HRM as an aid to gaining fitness. Nice ride round inners yesterday morning saw a peak of 179bpm which seems OK considering i had a real pop at a couple of climbs.
    round the pentlands last night and two things firstly i bonked pretty badly and my bpm reached the 230s twice. Can this be related to the bonk? I certainly was trying no harder, in fact less effort due to the “oo not good” factor.

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    if it was a blip it’s more likely to be power line etc interference than you.

    230 is pretty high – a lot of people get hospitalised at that rate…


    i have never herd of anybody getting 230. 179 seems respectiable i think. My max is around 189.

    Think (but correct me if i’m wrong) the bigger the gap from your resting HR to your max, the better?


    A very rough estimate for Max HR is 220 minus your age. 230 sounds like a technical error!


    My Polar used to hit 230 sometimes, I think it was the maximum it would record, I put it down to power lines etc. because my Max HR is around 189. Some lights, HID and LED can affect HRM’s and moving them just an inch or two further apart can make all the difference.


    AH now two explanations that make sense and remove the exploding heart theory.

    Power lines possible but i can’t think where there are any on the route, dare say there are just not looked.
    BUT hrm attached to stem and Exposure is on bars bang up against the stem so very close. Interference it is then.


    might have been buried power lines or street lights. I sometimes get blips like that when running the streets, not so across the fields.


    Sometimes they just seem to go a bit doo-lally. Sorry I’m not very technical.


    i top out at 188 and i feel like i’m about to pass out. 230 will be a blip.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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