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  • Heart Rate Monitor for Zone Training
  • ricko1984
    Free Member

    Looking at the other thread for zone 2 training, I think I need to get on this for improving my endurance.

    Only issue is I don’t have a heart rate monitor.

    Ideal option would be watch with chest strap monitor.

    Not really looking for one that links with a bike computer, as already have a basic non connective GPS device and not looking to get another one.

    Would a fitbit watch or similar keep me in the zone so to speak?

    Recommendations please

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    Much easier to use when you can see HR on your bars. What’s your gps bike ‘speedo’?
    Wahoo Tickr linked to your phone?

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    In my experience heart rate straps aren’t that durable. By a cheap one from Amazon.

    Then you’ll need a watch to connect to. EBay is rammed with cheap watches that will do the job. I have a Suunto Ambit 3. I think that it was £65 lightly used. There must be loads of similar options.

    Do buy a rubber thing so you can put the watch on your handle bars. Looking at your wrist isn’t ideal. But that reason I wouldn’t pony up for wrist based heart rate.

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    I got a cheap magene HR strap from Amazon. It’s pretty temperamental in terms of connecting to my watch or GPS but works reliably when done so. You get what you pay for I think.

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    I buy two Garmin Ant+ for about a tenner from eBay. Last ages.

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    I have a Garmin chest HRM, a Magene chest HRM and my Garmin watch which I use for running but will also transmit HR to my Garmin Edge. Mostly I use the latter. I’ve benchmarked it against my Garmin chest HRM and the readings are basically identical.

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    I have to keep a close eye on my HR and my preferred setup is a Garmin chest strap and an Edge on the bars. I do have a Garmin Instinct also, however the wrist HR is, for me, wholly inaccurate on the bike. It can under read by 20-30bpm regularly. My Apple Watch 7 wrist HR is a bit better that the Instinct one, but still not reliable enough for my needs. (Instinct Solar Crossover currently, previously had regular Instinct, much the same on HR accuracy)

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    You can get mounts for watches to go on handlebars. Might be worth looking into.

    Regarding Fitbits; they’re good watches but I found wrist based HR unreliable while cycling. Same with a garmin watch. So, a chest strap linked to a watch would be more accurate.

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    Halfords do a reasonable chest htm, I think for about 20 quid.

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