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    Yes it gets better.mostly. I wear two and when I got them new , or have had them reprogrammed the increase in noise is not good, but you get used to it after a few days.
    I don’t wear mine on the bike, mainly because of sweat rather tha wind noise, but that can get tiring on a long ride, also my residual hearing is just good enough to hear anything coming up behind me although I have been startled once or twice.
    Worst thing is to dwell on it though, so just MTFU and get on with life 😀

    Premier Icon nickc

    What’s wind noise like?

    Just had one fitted, walking along a corridor was like being in a wind tunnel, find the whole thing massively distracting. Somehow wasn’t expecting the tinny metallic quality of the amplification, made worse by the thing amplifying my tinnitus . Worried now that being on a bike is going to be a nightmare, ready to give up on it after just a day!

    It gets better, right?


    It does get better. You´ll find after a couple of weeks that your brain adjusts to the sound and percieves it as natural.

    There are wind cancelling/compression programs and if tuned by someone who knows what their doing they work quite well.


    It’ll get better. I ended up increasing the wearing time to get used to it. Saying that I’m forever mislaying them to the point I hardly bother 🙂


    Ask your hearing aid dispenser if he or she can do a programme to compensate. Or stick a head band ear cover thing on. Be a bit sweaty though.


    As others have said, you do get used to it.

    I was originally told my hearing loss was not suitable for a hearing aid, so I lived for three years without one. I’ve had mine a year and a half now and it’s bloody marvellous.

    One tip, don’t do an offroad ride with it in a ‘safe’ pocket…. need I saw more. Bless the NHS, they only charged me £50 admin fee for a replacement.

    I wear mine when road riding as I want to hear traffic behind me, but tend to leave it in the car when riding offroad, as I don’t want to kill it by sweating it to death.


    Don’t wear mine for biking , worry about sweat and mud and its always raining except today was sunny , took me a while to get used to the tinny sound , its starnge in a pub with loads of back ground noise odd conversations seem to come through a clear as any thing some are quite funny 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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