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  • event medical: health check including ECG
  • Premier Icon joemarshall
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    Has anyone on here had to get a medical for an event? If so, who did it for you?

    I need to get a ‘complete medical examination including ECG’ sorted for something next year. Just a resting ECG, no fitness test.

    I can find BUPA doing insane 45 minute ‘health MOT’ things that cost £400 and involve bloods, fitness stuff etc., but I don’t need all that rubbish, essentially just need a clean ECG and GP to say I seem like I won’t die.

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    As a paramedic I would never recommend rocking up in A&E complaining of chest pains then requesting a copy of your notes…no no!

    but seriously, ECG is 2 minute job and it shocks me how much people do charge for this kind of service, maybe ask at the local uni of they do sports science an see what you can blag? GP’s often charge around £100 for this service (if they’ve bothered to invest in an ECG machine)..

    Edt, your website is interesting, well done.

    Premier Icon joemarshall
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    I’m not sure that the association running the event will be happy with a load of printouts from some medical notes, fussy buggers that they are insisting on an ECG for doing something that I do multiple times every week (cold water swimming).

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