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  • Crag

    I know, I know, its been a common thread round these parts but I need convincing.

    The Cane Creek S8 always gets mentioned but I’ve fallen foul of their headsets before with the 1.5 step down on my Cannondale (bearings going after less than 6 months)

    Are they really as good as what people think and what other decent alternatives are there to the Hope and CK of this world??

    I’m looking for as near as you get to fit and forget as you get for this price tag.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    FSA XL2, £20 and they are cracking


    No problems here with the FSA

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Fsa good and easy to get replacement bearings. Also got an on one smoothie on my inbred and its going well, certainly looks well sealed. Bit ugly though.


    cane creek s8 from ebay – stainless steel bearings @ £25 posted steel at £20
    replacement bearings@ £8 and £3 respectively cheap and solid and sealed so near zero maintenance .. no crud in there when i check on service so far.


    i’ve got a ricthy that he been on three bikes and had lots of use being i only have one mountain bike. it’s only seen a bit of grease twice and is now about four years old. has just ringed bearings – balls held in place by a funky ring, you know what i mean…

    have just bought a syncros ‘freeride’ head set @ €45. has proper industry sealed bearings. time will tell.


    I’ve got a Cane Creek – either S3 or S8, can’t remember and it’s been great.

    I ran a Cane Creek S2 on my Cotic for 3 years without a hint of a problem.


    FSA everytime (although not the Orbit MX as it has funny a bearing size)


    We have FSA XLIIs on all our bikes, no problems at all so far.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    FSA and Cane creek are both made by TH Industies. (for what its worth)
    I still think teh XL2 is the best headset in the world, (quality x cost)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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