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  • Heads up for CPs Nottingham please
  • Im off to Centre Parcs with the gf and kids next week and have a few questions Id appreciate help with

    If I take a 'real' bike:

    Would it be safe whilst locked in the chalet when were out and is there anywhere half decent to take it for a ride if I get the chance?

    Are any of the restaurants worth bothering with?

    Is there a decent indian takeaway nearby – but not on site?


    I wouldn't want to leave my bike anywhere within the park unless it's really bolted down well or inside the Chalet, there's sherwood pines on the other side of the fence, so some good fun singletrack for a couple of hours.
    I think there's some pretty good pub food to be had in Edwinstowe (really should know better with me living 10 mins from there) Not sure about proper restaurants though, unless you try somewhere like Il Rosso in Mansfield.

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    The side gate of the parc (see what I did there) opens to Sherwood pines. It's got a jumps area and a muddy loop, bike shop, cafe and Go Ape. Lots of shortish but nice unmarked sections if you are the kind to go exploring. IMO mapping and signing these into loops would have been a much better way of spending money than the badly done Kitchener Trail, but there you go.

    If you're there on Monday I'm not working so could show you around for a ride


    be aware a risky time for bike theft is on changeover day, where you exit the chalet, maybe pop the bike on a rack, go and have a final swim, beer, meal whilst the car is in the


    car park. sometimes the toe-rags like to take the rack and bike and scarper…..leave inside car if possible.

    Thanks for the advice
    I plan to travel with a whole heap of locks and Im still not sure if I should take a decent bike or a lump of iron

    GW – many thanks for the offer but we arrive on Monday and as the saying goes Im not that much of an adrenaline junkie to immediately naff off cycling 🙂

    So basically inside chalet should be OK?
    And outside only for a few mins and not on changeover days?


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    saw a thread on commencalownersclub.com about a fortnight or 3 weeks ago about someone who had their bike stolen from inside the chalet at Sherwood CP
    Be careful – very careful

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    sorry – it was outside the villa but locked up
    "it was taken from OUTSIDE the villa. Was tied to one of the shackles they provide with my Kryptonite lock (NOT one of the free basic locks CP give out)."


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