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    unpleasant as it sounds?

    It is unpleasant and always uncomfortable
    It’s sometimes a bit painful too

    Not the end of the world though

    Top tip: after it’s out don’t do any vigorous mouthwash routines, you do not want the congealed blood to get dislodged from the tooth socket

    trust me on that one



    I had my first filling a while back, OMG!! the needle was **** painful, my mouth was stretched all over the place, my mouth was numb for hours after and I kept drooling like a bus ****.


    I’m with uplink. Dislodging the clot from the socket should not be your plan!

    It’s a top one, so don’t trampoline/bungie jump for a few days.

    It’s unpleasant, but hold on to the fact that all your other teeth are perfect… 🙂


    Just don’t accept feeling ANY pain. I’ve had **ahem** a few teeth out, and if you can feel ANYTHING at all, ask for more drugs!!!

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    Numb to the waist is the way to go.

    I had one out on tamazipam a few years back – can’t remember a thing about it.


    Ive had one out recently, and all my wisdom teeth when I was younger.
    The injections in your mouth are the worst bit for me, not really painful, but uncomfortable. The teeth they just twist and pull with brute strength, but due to the jabs it feels weird rather than hurting.
    Expect to be getting shards of bone coming out of the gum for a while.


    2 years ago hit a tree in delemere, went to the emergency dentist, the pain was terrific, crying lioke a baby,had to have 3 out, 1 bad and 2 broken/split, no pain, until the next day, then real agony for a few days,

    Strangely ice cream works well after an extraction.

    I have always insisted to be on a general for tooth extraction but the last one I had out was about 30 years ago* and I doubt they will do as the patient requests anymore.

    *I did have all four (compacted) wisdom teeth out in one go about 18 years ago too, but that was a two night stay in hospital and a proper operation including dislocating my jaw. The night I got home (still reeling from the drugs) I watched Jacob’s Ladder. What a complete mindf**k that was.


    It’s not the pain that’s the problem for me, it’s the noise like breaking celery as they wrench your head too and fro with your tooth.


    Top molars – allegedly not that bad (the top jaw bone isn’t so strong and they pop out pretty easy.

    Bottom wisdom teeth – a pretty grizzly job.

    Yeah – what PeterPoddy said. MORE DRUGS. I had a filling ages ago, which was the worst pain I’ve ever had. Or at least it felt like it at the time. A couple of weeks later, the filling came out and it was decided the tooth was to follow. I expected the pain to be tenfold.

    My usual dentist was on holiday, so I had a different one. She gave me a gum injection (not as bad as I thought it would be) then after a bit poked my gum and said “can you feel that?” I said yes, so she gave me another injection and told me to wait in the waiting room for a few minutes. I did, and she asked me if I could feel the poke again. I tried to say “no”, but it came out as “nugh” with a bit of dribble.

    Sat in the chair, mouth wide open, felt a gentle tug in my mouth and thought it was just the dentist getting purchase – until she showed me the tooth. Barely felt a thing. This was a molar right at the back on the bottom.

    So yeah – make sure you have enough drugs!


    i had a wisdom tooth pulled last week. i put up with toothache for 3 months prior using bucketloads of painkillers. the last time i went to the dentist they could get me properly frozen so i was s**t scared of going for this one.
    eventually couldnt hack the pain any more so went to a new dentist and explained the issue with lack of freezing. they did loads of xrays to identify where the nerves ran and used this to target the injections (the nice young lady was so gentle i didnt even feel these). once properly numb it appeared to take all her strength to get the tooth out but it was painless. had a dull ache in my jaw for a few days afterwards but it was nothing compared to what i’d put up with for the previous 3 months.
    going back this week for fillings on the other side

    Yeah the pain of wisdom teeth is something to behold. When mine first flared up I was (quite literally) punching walls to focus pain away from my mouth.

    All that went when my granddad gave me some of his prescription only extra strength co-codamol – ahhhhhhhhhh


    “You have perfect teeth, apart from this one which may need to be removed”.

    I have had a problem with my only filling and my tooth may need to be removed. Is this going to be as unpleasant as it sounds?
    It’s a molar at the back on the top.

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    I had a couple of wisdom teeth out a few years ago. It’s not nice but not that bad either. Just get it over with.

    Have a watch of this video, the tooth extraction looks real to me and very much like my experience 🙂


    elaine anne

    i once had a tooth removed in the afternoon and it was still bleeding all through the nite….i woke up to find i was choking on my own blood….it was a complete blood bath in my bed….REALLY !!!!! 😉


    Why did i open this thread???? 😯

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    Bottom wisdom teeth – a pretty grizzly job.


    When I had my wisdom teeth done I went for a follow-up appointment and the doctor asked if everything was okay. I told him my jaw ached like a bitch and I was having trouble posting baked beans through the small aperture in my mouth that I was able to form.

    He looked at the x-rays and operation notes and said ‘ahh yes, I remember you – they were a bit tricky to get out’ then laughed.


    Have you seen Marathon man? – If not, I’d not bother just yet


    who the f would be a dentist…. they’re probably the most feared profession (next to an undertaker of course)
    i snapped a tooth at christmas and had my nerve hanging out for 10 days until i could get to see a real dentist, i was sh+t scared after a bad experience prior but the extraction was painless… cauterizing the nerve however was not painless and is by far the worst feeling i have ever had!
    at least i now have a spare set of dentures in my bike box… along side 2 set of dental moulds which look great on the shelf 😀
    whats the worst that can happen, you feel pain for a day or 2 and then soon forget all about it.


    You’ll be fine.


    Why did I open this thread, I’m getting a wisdom tooth out on Friday 😯

    Make sure they give enough local anaesthetic!

    Tried having one of my lower wisdom teeth extracted by my dentist about 10 years ago – didn’t give me enough local so after prodding around for 10 mins or so she decided to leave it for that session. Sat in the waiting room whilst the receptionist was sorting out forms etc when everything started going spinny resulting in me passing out then throwing up when I came round – I remember the look of horror on the other patients faces 🙂

    Anyway the result was that dentist refused to try again and referred me to the the local dental hospital which was fantastic – they give you loads more local anaesthetic than an ordinary dentist would – presumably because they have resuscitation teams on hand in case you have a bad reaction to the anaesthetic, plus the only thing I felt was the injection and it only took about 20 mins – definitely that way to go IMO.

    Cry immediately and ask for Midazolam. You won’t remember shit!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Don’t judge modern dentists by anecdotes like “well, when I last had a tooth extraction, they concussed me with a two-foot length of 2×4 to numb the pain before pulling it out using a pair of mole grips and a lump hammer. On the way out I got a kick in the bollocks to take my mind off the pain and then bled like a stuck pig for a year and a half. Mind you, this was in 1937.”

    We’ve come a long way in dentistry in a very short space of time. My dentist is in a different league compared to visits ten years ago.


    Had a wisdom tooth out at the start of august.
    Stay away from alcohol for as long as possible because it can irritate the area where your gum is trying to heal.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I’ve had 2 (bottom jaw) wisdom teeth extracted.

    Two completely different experiences.

    First one was a 45 minute drillfest that had the dentist saying at one point “I’m just going to try and break the lip of the bone off…” !!! Ended up being drilled into quarters and removed that way. Ached and felt like shit.

    Second one was by an oral surgeon. He said “I’m going to try pressing down on it as sometimes they just pop out” I thought aye, right mate. But what the hell… Didn’t work the first time but the second time (with his knee under my jaw!) it did just that. took longer to stitch up than extract!

    As coincidence would have it I was at the dentist this morning. Looks like I need to get a top wisdom tooth taken out at some point. The dentist said that the top wisdom ones are relatively easy as they don’t have much bone attachment (or something). And I believe him 🙂

    As others has pointed out make sure the anaesthetic has taken hold first. It sometimes takes a 2nd injection for me. I think its a bit hit and miss for the injection hitting the right nerves. The last extraction took about 15/20 minutes for it to take proper hold.

    Good luck.

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    As coincidence would have it I was at the dentist this morning

    Likewise, actually. X-ray taken, may have to have a root canal or an extraction depending what it shows. Joy.

    Yack. When I had mine done I had a choice of ‘two at a time, local, at the dentist’ or ‘all four, general, at the hospital’.

    So I decided it was best not to know what the hell was going on and to get them all done at the same time.

    Over the course of my life I have had 10 teeth removed due to overcrowding (all perfectly healthy teeth).

    Make sure you get it back for the tooth fairy!

    Not only will the dentist be charging you an arm and a leg but the trade in adult teeth with the tooth fairy is very lucrative!

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Over the course of my life I have had 10 teeth removed due to overcrowding (all perfectly healthy teeth).

    I’m down ten as well, only difference being that I never got my wisdom teeth. Full adult set is 32, I’ve got 22.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    X-ray taken, may have to have a root canal or an extraction depending what it shows. Joy.

    I was lucky, got away with a course of antibiotics and some interdental brushes… well, for the moment at any rate.

    I have no idea how many I have. Might have to count them sometime.


    Wifes a dental nurse, so seem all kinds of teeth. She had a woman vicar in one day crying her eyes out.Wife said that not even gods devine intervention stopped her toothache and subsequent removal. Also has a mong from the local Coop come in. She had more metal work in her ears, nose etc than the local scrappy. Tattoos down both arms and other ‘visual’ places. Wanted my wife ‘ to hold her hand during the teeth work’ Mrs told her to ‘grow up’ 😆 LOL
    Dentist had to leave the room to ‘recompose’ herself………..


    Had two teeth removed back in january, told the dentist i am a nervous patient and she arranged for me to come back another day whereby an aneasthetist sedated me with Midazolam and i dont remember a thing about it….highly recommended!

    I’ve had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out. First out was at the dentist with the usual injection. It was pretty horrible so I asked for general for the next three as two hadn’t come through.

    The general and removal of the other 3 was way worse – woke up looking like i’d been in a fight with finger print bruising on my neck etc, split lip etc. Truely horrific experience. I was told it would take about 30mins – it took 4! My blood pressure had dropped so low because I bled so much that they wouldn’t let me out til i ate something. They gave me biscuits. 🙄 I was a mess for about 10 days after the op. 🙁

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    On the other end of the spectrum, Mrs Lunge had all 4 removed under general (she also had the option of 2 under sedation or 4 under general). She had no bruising, a bit of an ache for 2 days but otherwise remained unscathed.

    Amusingly, the things that knocked her about most were antibiotics that they gave her to prevent further infection. They made her feel like she was drunk for a week!

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