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  • Have you had a good year on the bike?
  • Smee

    For me it's been the best ever. Done a shed load of miles and finally got a couple of bikes that fit like a glove. Happy days.


    Excellent year.

    – Best results in racing
    – Best big rides
    – Best bike set up
    – Best friends to ride with

    All round win. I love biking.


    Yes thanks.


    it has been awesome 🙂


    yup, started commuting on the bike again in March this year and covered 3,400 commuting miles since then. Fittest I've been in years 😆


    Yep. I've done a quality long weekends riding in Wales with good mates, finished 3 enduro races with results i was happy with, switched over to 29ers which I'm alot more comfortable with, met some really nice people on the STW Swinley ride in Oct/Nov and generally had a great laugh with people who i enjoy the company of.

    If 2010 is as good then i will be a happy bunny 😛


    Yes got back into biking after a 3 year break ,new bike and having a great time.


    Too much phd, not enough riding. First year in…10 I think.. that I've not got out to the alps to ride 🙁

    Lost a lot of fitness, PhDs are unhealthy!


    broke both wrists, 21 stitches meant 3 months off the bike. Still the best year yet. Looking forward to 2010.

    Orang Hutan

    excellent year. getting more and more into mountain bikes the older I get. At 43 I'm just getting into jumping and more aggressive single track. Got plans for a new bike in the new year to replace my aging Rocky. Next years gonna be awsome.

    Premier Icon ton

    shyte………..as normal…. 😉


    Been alright, I now have enough money for nice bike gear yet seem to be getting sucked in by marketing rather than just riding.

    What bikes do you ride goan?


    a better time when on the bike than off it, and I ain't been out enough!


    tails – Bianchi 928 carbon, and a tig team sl rock lobster.


    yep. getting on top of a long term injury and no longer riding like a tard.


    Built my dream bike
    Rode lots
    Lost just under 3st

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    Dropped out of a few races that I thought I could do well in
    Never felt like I got properly fit
    Got a bit fed up at times
    It never seemed to stop raining

    Did OK in a few races/events
    Did big long rides, short fast rides, rode with mates, got a bit lost with mates, rode solo, got a bit lost solo
    Got shiny new kit to use
    Didn't get injured, so got to ride right the way through the year

    Shows promise, could do better, bring on 2010 🙂


    tails – Bianchi 928 carbon, and a tig team sl rock lobster.

    Are rock lobsters custom, there website says yes but I thought they were merlins in-house brand?


    Merlin produce them under licence. You can get them custom, from Rock Lobster though – I didn't.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Not exactly. But as I haven't had any trips to the ER its got to be better than last year…

    Looking forward to 2010 though. Need to practice skills and heading back to the states I hope.


    Six months mostly out with an injured back and then a torn intercostal.
    Follwed by some great riding then a return to racing.

    Gonna be more careful in 2010.

    Awesome year!! moved up to the peak in the spring, I thought i rode a lot in surrey, but no where near as much as i do up here, road and mountain. Had a great time racing this year – especialy Trans Wales. Met some great riding buddies up here and my mate i used to ride with in Surrey's easily persuaded for rides up here too!

    Best ever. Two trips to The Lakes,a few long rides in the Peaks and riding every week with a good bunch of lads and lasses.
    Happy with my fitness,happy with my bikes,especially the Yeti. Roll on 2010.

    Fab year!

    Completed first 100km mtb marathon, learned to manual. Learned how not to flip backwards when doing a manual 🙂 No major spills. Got some decent winter gear and learned to love riding in snow and ice. Learned some new trails. Met new people.

    Of course they are downsides, but I wont focus on them.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Could have been better – next year will be!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I've had a fantastic year on the bike… My first one for a decade, I'm a born-again 😉 So many great days. And looking forward to another one I hope, perhaps with less broken bones.

    Not been out on the bike nearly as much as other years due to lack of time and no big all day epic rides, but the arrival of our little one has more than made up for it in other ways. Just can't wait until he's old enough to take out in a bike seat!

    Great start to the year, got some results I was very pleased with, trip to Wales and peaks which were both ace, good result at Mayhem then had pilonidal sinus operation in July and haven't been able to touch my bike since…

    Great start, really $hit ending

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    No- it was shyte.. I'm unfit, and didn't enjoy riding at all. Even on my new Heckler..

    Something just didn't sit right.. 😕

    Vicious circle.. – didn't enjoy riding due to being unfit, so never got fit… 😳

    However, I'm just starting in the last couple of months to be out more, and more on my CX.. Delamere seems spot on for it..

    So who knows what 2010 will bring?

    I've signed up for HTN, so need to get going really…

    Premier Icon jonathan

    I've had a really nice riding year. Rode "enough", enjoyed all my riding, "progressed" (I think that phrase is copyright Ed-O though).

    Up until October anyway… I should just about be back on a bike for 2010. Now that'll be a good year 😉


    Yes, for lots of reasons. One of the most important (to me anyway), is nailing a route I determined to do a few years ago, but never seemed to have the strength/stamina. And now I've done it, with an extra few miles thrown too.

    Have loads of stuff planned for next year, including some races. Plus I seem to be learning more about training methods, etc.

    All in all, proper chuffed. And I'll be out over the N Downs for a few hours tomorrow – bring it on:)


    Got much fitter and faster! (very low starting point!)
    Picked up 3 new injuries.
    got 2 new bikes (so far!)

    All in all a result as far as in concerned.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Bit of both. Had a minor op early in the year which put me off the bike for best part of 6 weeks. Got back after that to a reasonable level of fitness culminating in doing the SDW in 2 days in May. Then the co I work for bought another firm in Bradford in June and since then (coming up 6 months!!) I've been up and down the M1 most weeks, living in hotels, missing out on regular night rides and eating cooked breakfasts and curries. Have lost a lot of fitness and gained a lot of weight instead. Will just enjoy riding this winter and then a concerted push in the New Year to get back to where I was a year ago.

    Still enjoyed (and enjoying) the riding I do but also frustrated by struggling on some rides that earlier this year I was just cruising.

    Yup, best ever:

    Several new bikes,
    Fittest and fastest I've ever been,
    A short holiday to the Pyrenees,
    New PBs in time-trials,
    Good results in CX racing,
    8,500 road miles (so far) this year,
    42 paid-for cycling events,
    Resurrected my interest in singlespeeding,
    And made the decision to ease-off and do more 'fun' stuff next year.

    I'm lovin' it. 2009 was pretty good 😀


    yes – went to full sus, did a two week 900+ km ride, ride to work everyday more or less, could get 3 MTB rides a week in when desired, ridden with friends I would be hard pressed to spend time with otherwise, made some new ones, rideen cool new trails, got fitter, skills improved, did a few dig days, lobbied for some new trails which have now been given the green light.

    But 2010 (hopefully) sees; more riding, more digging, more trails to lobbied for and hopefully made accessible, a 160km road ride to start the year off, Nationals to be in Adelaide to watch, World 24hrs in Canberra to hopefully go and watch, getting even fitter, skills improving more again, more new trails to be ridden…

    But most importantly, our first child – a daughter – is due end of March. And that trumps any and all riding.


    aye, not bad. I got back into proper road riding and really enjoyed looking for crazy big climbs and charging up them. I also got myself into track riding in a big way and am really enjoying that now.

    My only regret is not as much offroad as i'd have liked but next year will be different with a job that doesn't take over my weekends. Very much looking forward to it.


    Started good-Plenty of winter rides in.

    Got better-Memorable 4 days riding in the Cairngorms at Easter.Plus happy with my performance at Mayhem in June.

    Beter still-Fantastic summer biking hols in Morzine & Whistler.

    But recently……its been downhill.
    (And thats not in the body-armoured 8" travel sense) 🙁


    got off to a good start – rode round nz had a good base , came back hit intensity and promptly got injured –

    been fighting it all season since.

    dropped out of a fair few events that should have gone well for me BUT did well in others – depended on how my injured leg felt. (achillies tendonitus and a bursitus where it went onto the heel – and ITB syndrome on the opposing knee)

    audaxing is great fun ! – 2 x 200 and a 300k done. Lots of fun rides had when achillies allows !

    2010 howing promise after my little non racing holiday that i just had and some good physio advice from someone on here 😉


    Pretty shite really

    Being self employed and in the building trade I have been taking all the work I can get but its never dropped off (ok for bank balance no good for riding) so no avalable time. 😕
    Not done anything until early december but been bitten by the bug again and looking forward to a couple of weeks off at xmas with lots of riding involved 😆

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