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  • Have you ever dodged a serious crime?
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    On two separate occasions in Nigeria, first was a carjacking at one of the few working traffic lights in Benin City, luckily a police chief in his car saw it happening and got his driver to overtake and stop our car, the driver ran off his accomplice was dragged out of our car by 2 other coppers and thrown in the back of the pick up, Police Chief came round to our hotel that night for a meal and drinks lovely chap.
    Second, we had 2 armed robbers run into a bar/restaurant one had a sawn off shotgun the other had a pistol, sawn off dude came running to the rear were we were sat waving his gun, the guy behind the bar switched off all the lights, as there was no natural light in the back he went bowling into a table whereupon a couple of local guys jumped up and down on him for a while, his mate at the front was mobbed by more locals, the pair were then dragged away by the doormen.

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    I got in terrible trouble for buying tickets for a music festival without figuring out how I was going to get there (and presuming a parent would drive me). My teacher and neighbour happened to offer me a lift, because he was going too. Hurrah! Problem solved. Only, weirdly, it was solved by my mum then insisting that my dad drive me up to the festival. I didn’t know it at the time, but for some reason my mum didn’t like him. A year or so later and it emerges he’s been sleeping with a bunch of underage girls in the year below me, and the grooming all started when he drove them up to that festival. He went to prison.

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    I had to read that a couple of times to clarify who exactly was doing the noncing.

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    Weird isn’t it – I was propositioned by a couple of middle aged guys driving past in a car when I was, what 12 years old maybe. I never felt threatened but was, as you can imagine, deeply uncomfortable. It’s 40 years later now and i’d never really thought about it til reading this thread!

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    Once sent a letter in to Jim’ll Fix It. Wasn’t selected, but with hindsight it still feels too close for comfort!

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    Nearest for me was nearly getting a good kicking when 4 of us Leeds fans were surrounded by about 12 Man City fans near Elland Road,

    I was going to say I’ve been fortunate, but I had one of these also.

    Me and a mate walking through Burnley centre one evening, traversing between two pubs. Me with long hair and leather jacket, mate short hair but similarly attired. From across the road I spy a group of townies plotting a diagonal intercept course towards us. All a couple of years younger than us, but I dunno, eight of them maybe? We didn’t break stride, ignored them.

    As we passed I heard one of them say something weird like “bump him” and another shoulder-checked me. I whirled around and glowered at him, and without further ado he punched me full in the face.

    Then I realise, they’re forming a circle around us. I ‘did the math,’ looked at Matt and went “RUN!” We took to our heels down the road, round the corner and down the hill to the next pub with these neds in hot pursuit.

    … whereupon the rest of the group I was with had either wondered where we’d got to or seen us approaching at escape velocity and spilled out of the pub to investigate. The sight of 20-odd biker metalheads spilling out of The Carlton gave the little shits Sudden Acute Confidence Failure and they sodded off sharpish.

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    I was round a mates house when we were about 13/14 in the mid/late 80’s.
    anyway his Dad had gone out to pick his Mom up from work and we were on our own waiting for his sister to come back from work.
    Door bell rang and we thought it was his sister and she’d forgotten her keys.
    Open the door and there’s this middle aged women standing there – asked if his parents were home as she was ‘lost’ and needed some directions.
    So we asked where she was going and she said somewhere fairly local to his house so he gave her directions – she then asked if we could show her where it was – she became quite insistent and positioned her foot so we couldn’t shut the door.
    Anyway, my mate sister walks up the road from work and this women makes her excuses and leaves.

    Didn’t think anything of it until about an hour later after his Mom & Dad had got home and I was flicking through the local paper he’d come back with – turn to page 2 and there’s a photo-fit of the women staring at me – wanted for a string of attempted snatchings!

    Needless to say the Police were called at that point.

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    Once sent a letter in to Jim’ll Fix It. Wasn’t selected, but with hindsight it still feels too close for comfort!

    Was the letter…

    “Dear Jim,

    Can you fix it for me to appear on It’s a Knock out? Love from si77”

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    I was walking my dog as a kid (about 10-12yo) in the park. Some new houses were being built in the next field and back then, you could just wonder into building estates and houses, which I did. Then I noticed a man nosing about so thought I’d better go. He followed me round the woods and into the park – far enough for it to be intentional. I stopped in the park where a game of cricket was on, the guy stopped and awkwardly pretended to be inspecting a tree’s leaves, so I told one of the cricketers I thought the guy was following me. Nothing happened as far as I’m aware, but a couple of days later I saw the same guy in the park, sitting watching kids in the playground so went home and had the police called.

    It was the last I heard of it, but it still keeps me awake at night wondering what *might* have happened had he approached me 😐

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    got sent by work to an awards ceremony in London, tried to get on a tube to get the train the next morning but there were massive delays, it was 7th July and if I’d have left earlier I could have been on one of the trains. only found out what was going on by walking from Albert Hall to Euston because everyone was stood outside office buildings with the lobby telly’s tuned to the news

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    I was working in that there London on the same day – if they’d picked Earls court and hour earlier then they’d have blown me and a load of other people up – not really a near miss though.

    First indication that something wasn’t right was when the lights of our office started flickering as the bombs went off. Getting home was interesting, and after that I started cycling the 20 miles each way to and from work – not out of fear, it was quicker than the tube!

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    Not quite in the same vein but…
    In 2007 I was backpacking from Turkmenistan via Kashgar and Pakistan to India, and I stopped in Islamabad for 2 nights at a reasonable little hotel. I walked to a local curry house for dinner on the first night, and walked past a mosque which had some sandbags outside and some guys stood on a flat part of the roof. Didn’t think anything of it.

    I got the bus to Peshawar a couple of days later, settled in to my hotel and turned on BBC News 24 to see the mosque I’d walked past in the news – it was the Red Mosque (with the armed militants inside), and the Pakistani army had locked down the entire area and turned off all the power and water that morning shortly after I’d left, stopping anyone getting in or out. I think they stormed it later that day and there was a huge shootout

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    got sent by work to an awards ceremony in London, tried to get on a tube to get the train the next morning but there were massive delays, it was 7th July and if I’d have left earlier I could have been on one of the trains. only found out what was going on by walking from Albert Hall to Euston because everyone was stood outside office buildings with the lobby telly’s tuned to the news

    I lived between Marble Arch and Edgware Road stations at the time, and worked down by London Bridge. I was in Southampton the night before for an Oasis gig though, so was getting the train into London that morning, and the news started filtering through that there had been explosions on the tube.

    Getting home that evening was the weirdest thing – the streets were absolutely heaving with people walking because there was no public transport and everyone was having to walk home

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    A friend of mine was in Nice on Bastille Day in 2016. They had been walking along the promenade but decided to call it a day and headed back to their hotel for a few quiet drinks. That was around 20 minutes before the attack happened.

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    We were in Atlanta 96 for the Olympics, went to concert in Olympic park but got hassled for money as we were sleeping in the van. We scarpered pretty quickly but next night the bomb went off, right by the speaker where we were the night before.

    Also changed tube at kings cross thenight before the fire in 87.

    Visited Yosemite in 97 with no accom booked, we looked at a few hotels driving around but got spooked out in 1 hotel, the guy was just creepy. Found out later it was the cedar lodge where the caretaker murdered 4 guests.

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    My daughters ex-boyfriends Dad is a convicted serial killer. Not saying which one but they boyfriend is a lovely lad torn to pieces by circumstance.

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    drove past this about 1hr before it went off:


    I was on my way to stay with my sis who lived about a 10 minutes walk away. I’d been on a sloooow train from Barcelona overnight so was dog tired, crashed out when I got to her place and slept through it. She heard the explosion and thought it was planes from the local USAF airbase breaking the sound barrier

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    Getting home that evening was the weirdest thing – the streets were absolutely heaving with people walking because there was no public transport and everyone was having to walk home

    I remember walking across London that evening, no idea how I made it from Hammersmith back to Turnpike Lane, but I seem to remember a long detour to the pub.

    I was on an early shift, I think, if I’d been on my normal one then I’d have been on the Piccadilly & Victoria just about the time of the blast there.

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    As an 11 year old I went on a residential activity holiday with my best friend at the time.

    I was an athletic, slender county standard swimmer and rugby back but I guess looking back also a blond ‘pretty boy’ and very naïve.

    I got singled out by one of the staff for special attention. I remember him coming in to my dorm as we were getting changed for bed to find me and tell me he had reserved me a computer in the class the next day and telling me he had to go take me see it (in my vest and pants). My best friend was really peeved as the reason I had a place in the class was his name had been crossed off to make room for me.

    Then later in the week me and my friend were messing about in the woods at the edge of the grounds where we’d found a rope swing and the same man suddenly appeared. He told my friend he was late for a thing (that didn’t exist) and he was in real trouble and had to go back to the house leaving me there alone with him. Then he said I had to get on the swing and he’d push me. Then he stopped pushing me and started slapping my bare legs. Really hard. He then went from **** creepy to **** scary mental – telling me I had to strip off in front of him or he’d send me home and started to touch himself. When I refused(or stood still confused – not sure which now) he got even madder and simultaneously slapped me across the face and assaulted me. No idea where I suddenly got all brave from but I punched the **** in the face (in hindsight the best punch of my life, a perfectly timed fluke) and ran away. I got back to the house and realised I’d wet myself.

    Never told anyone, felt ashamed. Spent the rest of the week avoiding the bloke with his black eye thinking any moment I was going to be in big trouble.

    I think that’s the first time I’ve typed that out. I’ve worked with kids for the last 23 years and always reflected back on that near miss (not really a near miss, but could have a shit load worse) and how vulnerable to abuse some kids are, the power some adults hold over children and what a massive deal it is if they do find the strength to say something.

    He’ll probably be dead now but as an adult it has haunted me I didn’t do more to stop him doing it again.

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    Wow. You ought to be damned proud of yourself for punching him in the face mate. Almost cheered like I was watching a film at that part of the story.

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    Aged 20 I was out at a Uni do in Nottingham. I managed to charm an attractive young lady and we left together at around 1am planning to return to her student house a short cab ride away. I had about £10 on me which would cover the cab fare and was keen as mustard!

    As we left the do and waited for a cab, she needed a wee (we’re both pretty pissed…) and we went down a dark back alley. I kept watch whilst she did the crouched down and got on with things. Out of the shadows a bloke appeared right next us with a whopper of a carving knife in his hand, grabbed me and put the point of the knife to my chest. Told her to keep quiet. He found the small amount of cash I had in my pocket and refused to believe she had no money or that I hadn’t got any more. He became increasingly aggressive and I was absolutely shitting it as he pushed me around waving the knife about. He looked my lady friend up and down, she was pretty and wearing a short dress with a low cut top half. He then decided he’d start grabbing at her breasts and arse, saying he would take her back to his place. At this point I’m not entirely sure what happened as I can’t personally remember it (adrenaline I presume). Apparently I landed a peach of a right hook on his cheek and somehow managed to connect with his face again as he was falling down, then kicked the shit out of him on the ground. She picked up the knife and we legged it.

    Thankfully a taxi had pulled up at the end of the alleyway and the driver had seen part of what had happened, including our assailant grabbing/groping her. He bundled us into his cab and drove off at speed. He was all for taking us to the police, which with hindsight is exactly what we should have done, however I was worried I might get ‘done’ for battering the **** so we convinced him to drop us of at her house and we had a very large series of very strong drinks, both of us in tears.

    Even now 25+ years later, my heart races when I recall that night and what could have happened, especially to her. Wish we’d gone to the cops.

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    1996 got home from a holiday in Salou and next day ETA set of a bomb in a bin at Reus airport right where I was sitting the day before, not very exciting but it’s the best I’ve got.

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    22 March 2017 had some work to do in Portcullis House. Meeting was dragging on so made my excuses before lunch and thought I’d get something (with a beer) at Kings Cross. Missed the terror attack by about 30 mins. In June the same year my Sister found herself on London Bridge, cabbie heading South was quite insistent she jumped in, and she was too polite to object/didn’t want to make a fuss in front of her toddler – that gent probably saved their lives.

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    One summer at uni me and a mate, having previously done some hitchhiking in Europe got a flight to Sicily with the plan of hitching all the way up Italy, across France and home. After a couple of successful but short lifts, we spent a few hours waiting on the edge of Trapani by the motorway. Finally we got picked up by a short-ish guy in an old Fiat Cinquequento. He didn’t speak a word of English (or if he did, he didn’t let on), and Ciao was (and is) about our limit.

    We drove towards Palermo, on the motorway for a few hours. At one point we stopped for petrol, and there was some incomprehensible discussion, which we interpreted as him asking for fuel money, so we gave him some, I don’t remember how much. It was a bit weird. We nearly got to near Palermo and came off the motorway, drove around some suburbs for a bit. Wasn’t sure exactly where we were going, but we weren’t bothered as long as we made progess.

    Then we were back on the motorway going in the opposite direction. Bit confused. A couple of times we tried to ask what was happening, but of course there was no way to communicate (or he wasn’t going to). A few times we stopped by the side of the road, for no apparent reason, and I remember him being on the phone a few times.

    Eventually we were almost back where he’d picked us up in Trapani. By this time it was dark and we’d been in the car for maybe 6 or 7 hours. We’d long since realised this wasn’t going to end well. He started driving round some quiet villages. Then we drove up a deserted mountain road, I think which was closed to traffic, stopped, and got the biggest knife I’ve ever seen out of the boot. It was comically large. It was almost a relief to have the mysterious part over and done with and get on with the getting mugged bit. He threatened us a bit. We emptied our wallets and handed over our passports. He went through our rucksacks, took some things that might have been slightly valuable, chucked some other stuff, some of it more valuable, down the mountainside (including my friend’s hip flask, which he was most upset at).

    Having established we had nothing more to give him, after threatening us a bit more, we got back in the car. He drove us to a deserted village, parked near a cash machine and made it clear what to do. At this point he told us he had a gun in the car too, but we never saw it. We both withdrew some cash and handed it over. He seemed satisfied and we got back in the car. He drove us to another mountain road and got the knife out again. This must be it then. We had nothing left and he knew it. It was death, sexual favours, or both.

    Somehow, mainly having picked up the words “silencio” and “tranquilo” from our new companion, in conjunction with “aeroporto” I managed to convince him that if he drove us to the aeroporto, we’d go away and be tranquilo forever. We got back in the car, and drove down the hill, through some villages, and onto the motorway. We were heading back towards Palermo again. Despite doing about 120mph, it seemed to take hours to get there, but, despite assuming we’d turn off for another “scenic detour” at any point, we did eventually get to Palermo airport. He gave us €20, our passports, shook our hands, and let us out.

    We walked into the airport about 11pm IIRC. Managed to get some change, called my mum in the UK on a payphone (he took our phones, including my Nokia 3310), and told her to book us the next flight to the UK out of Palermo. She booked one for later the next day, and we sat in the airport all night and all the next day, twitching nervously every time anyone came within 5 yards.

    We landed back and Stansted and my mum, saint that she is, picked us up for the 4 hour drive back home the following night/early the next morning.

    We never went to the Police. It’s Sicily. He said he was mafia… could have been, could have not been, but we weren’t in a position to argue.

    I’m 6’1″ and my mate’s taller than me and better built. The guy must have been 5’6″ and 10st. We could easily have overpowered him, and he gave us plenty of opportunities to, but we didn’t. I later decided he was either really clever in psyching us out so we didn’t… or just really stupid. I still wonder what the hell we’d have done in rural Sicily with a dead/incapacitated “mafioso” and his Cinquecento.

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    He demanded that I got in his car. He was a bit sweaty and looked like Mike Harding.

    *nods sagely* 🙂

    The main thing I learn from this thread is that I can’t have been a very attractive child.

    I’ve been in the same city when bombs have gone off, I think I’ve heard about 4/5 IRA bombs with a couple of window rattlers (there was a time when an abandoned bag in a whitehall pub was a reason for feeling nervous), and I was on gower st when the bus bomb went off. But these do not strike me in any way as near misses, more than saying I’ve driven down roads where accidents have happened.

    Hitched to Palermo when I was 18 for some reason. Some intense memories I’ll not trouble the thread with but it’s a weird place. Went back a few years ago and was victim of a restaurant rip off there (wrong change, long story) and caused a loud stink, a guy clearly er very respected by the locals (and I wasn’t going to disagree with him) smoothed it over and I got some money back. Took a stroll down a quiet road on the way back to the hotel having met up again with my wife. Two guys asked for our money. I thought they were trying it on and said no and shouted a bit as we walked back to the main drag. Freaked out my wife. Reminds me I hit a bloke who said ‘give me your money’ on an Amsterdam back-street. With my bag as I didn’t want to touch him. He backed off but not really far enough for comfort. He claimed to have a knife but I don’t think he was serious. So again, not a a serious crime.

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    I’d been staying in a backpackers hostel in kings cross area of Sydney in 1989 (red light district at the time – hostel had been a brothel beforehand, tv/kitchen area was the S&M room with manacles etc on the walls).
    I’d been there for a few weeks then moved on to Melbourne, couple of days later an arsonist with a grudge against someone there torched the place, one of the lads who I’d shared a dorm with was killed, along with (iirc) about 12 people.
    Weirdly another guy who we shared with left the day before the fire, the night before he’d left, him and a few others went out for a few beers and got pissed and were larking about, the guy who subsequently died had got one of the fire hoses and soaked the other lads, emptying it. Begs the question if he hadn’t been so daft would he and the others have died?

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    Mid 2000, Wigan.
    Walking home after a party with the Mrs I was heckled by a group of youths and told them to FO.
    Youths then produced bottles and bats and attempted to surround me.
    The Mrs worked for GMP youth offender team at the time, told me to back off and she tried to reason with them.
    She was punched in the face, I knocked the lad out, the rest of his mates set on me.

    I woke up in hospital 3 days later with broken jaw, head trauma and lost the sight in 1 eye.
    Several people who lived on the street had heard the commotion and chased them away.

    Approx 4 weeks later the same gang kicked a Chinese chip shop owner to death.

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    Getting home that evening was the weirdest thing – the streets were absolutely heaving with people walking because there was no public transport and everyone was having to walk home

    My colleague ran one of the larger bike shops in central London at that time. He sold every bike in the shop that day, he told me once.

    Once sent a letter in to Jim’ll Fix It. Wasn’t selected, but with hindsight it still feels too close for comfort!

    I didn’t dodge anything here obviously, but in about 1990 Saville ran past me onto Blackfriars Bridge, saying hello as he went. I nodded politely.

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    Entertaining thread this, scary, but entertaining!

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    No big shakes but…I was followed around by a smiling creepy old man in the local park when I was maybe 9. I guess he was a paedo, I didn’t really know what was going on.

    At 13 I spent a day fishing at a pond near Hillsborough with a friend. A truck driver and mate came and chatted to us. A local girl’s body was found in the pond the next day (Robert Black is now suspected). Police interviewed me then (1982) 2 of them with me alone, and got back to me in 2006 or so when he was first convicted. They seemed surprised that I wasn’t able to remember anything more 24 years later.

    Bizarrely I was lectured by a Prof Robert Black QC* who came up with the structure of the Lockerbie trial which made it possible (I don’t think he is a fan of the outcome).

    *Also McCall Smith the legal academic/novelist.

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    Oh an ex girlfriend was on Jim’ll fix it. Nothing happened.

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    I had an AK47 put to my head by a man in a balaclava once and thought that was a little traumatic.  This thread has quite opened my eyes and I thank you for it, i’m not even slightly special

    I love all of STW, and

    we need a sticker.        “What would Perchy say?”

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    I was stolen as a baby. True story if a little less horrific.

    Basically my mum, back in the 70’s on housing estate was quite content with leaving me asleep in my pram outside the house. A little girl spotted me, took me out of my pram, put me in with her dollie and went to visit her gran. Not sure how far away her grans was but i believe there was quite a hunt going on before her gran returned me to my mam.

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    My god! No wonder parents don’t let their kids out of their sights anymore.

    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    I grew up on on a couple of rough council estates in Birmingham (80’s and early 90’s).

    I saw a lot of violence and got involved (and got away with only cuts and bruises) in lots of local trouble. You couldn’t really avoid it.

    But I don’t remember there being pedo’s everywhere. Seems like I got lucky.

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    Probably my dumbest move in the history of dumbest moves
    Was flying into what up to a couple of years prior was communist eastern europe on a vso gig. when I travel abroad, especially this type of thing I like to wear my kilt. This time I’d a quarer ounce of high quality hashish in my sporran.
    As we’re flying into a military airport we’d been warned as to who was who. Green fatigues were normal military, blue fatigues were special forces types and the guys in suits were secret police.

    The team going through customs got a bit split up and i ended up standing by myself for a time. Tried to ignore the army guys, but about 30 or 40 feet from me was a small group, 3 suits and a blue fatigues. Try as i might I couldnt help but noting that they were conversing amongst themselves and glancing over at me. Bollocks I thought, im going to get nabbed and end up in some communist prison hellhole, the realization of dumb move#1 was coming to bear and this could become an incident the vso team really didn’t need, but more concerned for myself.
    One of the suits breaks off from the huddle, walks directly over, throws out an arm and points directly at me and says YOU! in a loud voice.
    How I didn’t actually faint dead away is beyond me, so tried to bluff it out as you would. By this time a couple of my other team members had come over and we all talked briefly to the military guys, and it eventually transpired that this group was waiting on a Scottish businessman over some deal was going on with the government. Saw me, saw the kilt which they recognized(from the rugby) put two and two together and came up with five, thinking I was the businessman they were waiting for.

    Crazy crazy move on my part. God alone knows what I was thinking.

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    1970’s Donegal. My parents were growing dope in the greenhouse behind the pottery. If the Gardi had found it (the local one was a regular in the shop), my brother and I would have ended up in care.

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    I used to work/live on a boat. Coming into Oban harbour once a Navy Frigate I think was tied onto the public pier. We aimed straight for it as when we reversed the boat the bow kicked to the right and we’d go along side nicely. Unfortunately our gear cable snapped and we rammed them full on putting a big dint in the side of them. Oh how we laughed and thought is this piracy?
    I was also once dragged off a bus in Guatemala by paramilitaries who appeared to think I was an American drug mule. Shoved down a jungle trail loaded pistol against the back of my skull, for lack of a better move and being a bit stressed I recited the Euro 96 squad. They recognised Michael Owens name so I asked can I get my passport out. Pulled my cigarettes out first and offered them about to make friends, then my Passport. How we all laughed when they said they were about to execute me. I got back on the bus and threw my pants away.

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    Having been to rather a lot of serious crimes, I can’t classify them as dodged, especially as I’d always arrive late.

    I have however had an American police officer go for his gun during a routine stop, in the current climate that could I suppose be classified as a dodge! (also had German police pull guns on me).

    I did get arrested for drug smuggling at Gatwick airport once on my way back from Goa, put on the throne but couldn’t perform so driven to a private hospital for an x-ray. Nothing to see. So I guess I dodged that one!

    Also had a UK cop toss a coin to decide whether to arrest us or not, we won!

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    Once sent a letter in to Jim’ll Fix It. Wasn’t selected, but with hindsight it still feels too close for comfort!

    I sat watching Jim’ll Fix It in the TV Lounge (remember them – one TV for the whole hotel) in a hotel somewhere near Oban, and Jimmy Saville wandered in and sat down to watch the programme with me. He was staying there while filming an advert so we saw him around quite a bit over the next few days. Most notable thing about him at the time really was a preference for drinking large glasses of fresh orange and lemonade which 40 years later is a refreshing designated-driver drink our family still refer to as a ‘Jimmy Saville’.

    Not any kind kind of narrow escape really as the last time I checked I’m not female.

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