have women ever raced moto gp?

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  • have women ever raced moto gp?
  • klumpy

    I think he’s tripped up using the word aptitude.

    Racing wheel to wheel at 200mph and deciding “either you let me through or we both die”, takes a certain something. Let’s be honest, a lot of the motorsport types who’ve gone out and won and won and won have had a certain trait in common – they were basically psychopaths. 😀

    Women are less likely to be psychopaths, so generally are less suited.

    If the challenge was simply putting in fast times they’d be better represented. (Out of interest, how do ladies do in rallying?)


    There have been women right at the top winning wrc events.


    This is a much more sensible thread than I was expecting ! C’mon boys, where are all the jokes about high heels categories ?

    I would only add that I think across all sports women fail to join and compete during the critical teenage years, as it’s not considered feminine, and as long as being ornamental and useless is valued more highly that will continue.

    So it’s all men’s fault ! (joking of course, before you all post pictures of Millie Tant from Viz)


    very interesting points made.

    i was trying to remember about a lady who used to race (and win) in the group b monster world rally cars back in the 80’s

    Michèle Mouton (i saw a program about group b rallycars on bbc4 where she was on)


    Funny this thread when I was at highschool/college (things are a bit different down here), I only talk motorcycle with one person. A girl named carole. She was pretty much into it, and nowt to do with her BF having a superbike
    Since we have kinda lost sight of each other, but I bump into her last time I popped into my Yam local dealer to get some spare parts for Angela. She as not stop racing since, and she use to make the top 10 on a very regular basis on several cups all over France. Hardly casey stoner level I admit it, but then I don’t know anyone who got near that kind of results.

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    Women are less likely to be psychopaths

    I take it you are somewhat inexperienced with the fairer sex.


    Danica Patrick is pretty handy. Laila Sainz is a good trials rider. So few men get to ride MotoGP then I am not surprised a woman hasn’t’ is a woman capable of it, he’ll yes of course.

    As an aside a bloke I work with, his Akita dog weighs more than Danny Pedrosa 😯

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