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  • Tijuana Taxi

    Not into art, but could see where she was coming from with that bed thing she did a while back
    Empty drink bottles,used condoms,fag butts,load of stains,just a right boozed up and shagged out mess.

    Sort of thing that brings back happy memories of a bad/good time of life


    the fact that you are talking about her on here means that her art work’s.


    She’s in her mid forties and still acts like a stupid kid, she can’t draw for toffee, and only got the limited fame she has by riding on the coat-tails of that pile of poo, Brit-Art, which in any sensible society, would have been dismissed as the Emperors new clothes a long, long time ago.

    Not big, not clever (read her column in the Independent- puerile, I’m so fantastic and everything I do is the most amazing art in the world…) and draws pictures of women masturbating, because otherwise no-one would be interested.

    Do I not like Tracey Emin……..


    the fact that you are talking about her on here means that her art work’s.

    Precisely sideshowdave. It’s art.

    It’s about challenging preconceived ideas, notions, and feelings. It’s about stimulating controversy. It’s about rejecting the alleged ‘norms’ which society foists upon us and yet, and yet, it’s also about embracing and celebrating, these ‘norms’. And saying……. loudly, proudly, and clearly, “Oh look, I’ve sh1t the bed”.

    That’s what it’s all about.


    Come to think of it ……there must be a lot of **** artists on STW.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    the fact that you are talking about her on here means that her art work’s(sic)

    We talk about all sorts of things. The best thread on here possibly ever was about a bloke taking a powerful laxative before he was supposed to.

    If artists really see their function as encouraging other people to say “artists are such a bunch of juvenile try-hard pillocks” and wander off in amzement then that’s fine of course, and I hope they get a kick out of leaving the vast majority of ordinary people so far behind that they no longer care. 🙂


    First of all, Egon Schiele was brilliant as an artist. Total scumbag child molester, though. Tracey Emin isn’t thought provoking. You can see the same stuff in any provincial gallery, but the fact that she’s ‘famous’ raises expectations and then the paucity of the work is what creates the hysteria. If I saw it without knowing it was Emin I would probably give it no more than a cursory glance.

    She’s a publicist rather than an artist.

    degenerate. Not interested


    As someone with half an idea about art and graphic design (I studied the subject at art college) and being capable of producing the odd piece of artwork, I REALLY don’t see what is so special about Tracey Emin.

    Conceptual art is just weird. If you are one of the idle rich, I guess it’s exciting stuff, but the artist has to have a pretty quirky personality to keep them entertained.

    These “artists” have clearly mastered the art of bullshit! 😆


    degenerate. Not interested

    Emin, Schiele or me?


    I have a GCE in Computer Science – you don’t catch me telling IT bods how to do their job, no siree.

    Hats off to you sir. It’s a pity the truckload of other people with a qualification in computer science can’t follow your lead. My job would be a hundred times easier without 300 metric tons of complete BS being jammed into the IT industry on a daily basis.


    My job would be a hundred times easier without 300 metric tons of complete BS being jammed into the IT industry on a daily basis.

    said with feeling I think :o)


    Emin is no more an ‘artist’, than Posh Spice is a ‘singer’.

    I don’t pay much attention to Emin, as there are plenty of real artists out there, producing proper art. People who don’t need to sleep with gallery owners, get their ‘norks’ out for cheap publicity, or try in vain to shock us with their ‘controversial’ work. They just quietly get on with producing art.

    ‘Has an MA in Art from the RCA’ – So **** what? I know people with similar; I’ve produced more creative works glossing a skirting board. And watching them dry would b infinitely more fascinating than some stupid crack media-whore who can seldom keep it together enough to string a coherent sentence together. Artist? Fartist, more like. **** piss-artist.

    ‘Oh look’, said the little boy. ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’…


    So the stw intelligentsia decide that Schiele couldn’t paint and Thomas Hardy couldn’t write. What next? That Beethoven. Huh! Load of banging and crashing. Nothing for me to hum on the way to the pub.


    I pretty much loath the “fine art industry”. It is a bitchy, jealous, lifeless and sterile place to be and will cut it’s own swollen red nose off to spite it’s ugly drunken fat face.
    I don’t blame people like Emin, it is difficult to turn down money and fame, especially if that is your aim. When I was at Uni a large majority of students were there as they wanted to be famous. Not good artists just famous.
    One good friend who did sell his soul and walk the walk is still producing the same boring work he did over 10 years ago. He even admits he is no different from a battery hen. He gets paid to squeeze out the paintings but they have to be the right size, shape and colour. He has to squeeze out so many the same it is draining his energy. He has got the point now where he is scared to do anything different.

    I know other artists who have carved their own way and made a living financially but especially creatively. To me they are the successful ones, but are probably hardly known “within the industry”.
    Personally I chose a different path and have enjoyed a very happy relationship with art in a more simple, less ego but less money sort of way.


    Good post, Roper. Do it for the sake of loving it, not to become something. Your sperience sounds very much like mine, at Uni. Too many people focussed on wanting to ‘be somebody’, than wanting to have a life where they could enjoy being themselves.

    A mate of mine, his gelf did a fine art degree. She was crap, tbh. I saw very little that revealed her actual artistic talents. Her work was to gain a reaction, rather than stand out for it’s own value.

    She was getting rid of a load of paints and stuff, and a large canvas, so me mate decided t have some fun, and just chucked a load of paint onto the canvas. He bunged bits of rubbish like wrappers and travelcards onto it, and some glue stuff, all sorts. He had to rotate the canvas several times, as it was drying, to stop all the stuff running off onto the floor.

    The result was a crazy abstract surreal nightmare world. Looked really good. It hung in their flat, until she got pissed off with guests admiring it, thinking it was hers, and ignoring her own stuff!

    I nabbed it; is it art? I dunno. But it’s got a darn sight more about it, than a **** unmade bed…

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