Have we done this yet this winter? People who wear shorts whatever the weather

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  • Have we done this yet this winter? People who wear shorts whatever the weather
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    theblackmount: no, not really – I ride all over the Grampians and NE Scotland during winter. I do take extra gear in my rucksack in case things go bad and I end up walking, but no need for them whilst riding.

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    I was reading the other night in the Team Sky ’21 days of Glory'(great book BTW) that their riders are not allowed shorts in training unless temp is over 15 degress. All about knee health apparently…..

    My baggies usually get bib longs underneath them from october to April πŸ˜† but I do have a history of knee problems…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I wear shorts offroad, but with kneepads which keep things warm. Lower legs don’t do that much heat radiating, and if your clothes waterlog that can end up chilling you more as well as being chafey and unpleasant.


    Yeah, ‘course not…

    But the conditions you bare legged, baggy wearing freaks are talking about are mostly flatland commutes and the like – pretty much zero consequence if things get too nippy. If we’re talking a day spent in the mountains, temps around zero, horizontal sleat, water pouring down your legs and filling your shoes then I’ll be wearing all the leg covering I can get thank you very much. Made that mistake just once going over Lochnagar – result hypothermia.
    Yip -shorts are not for girls


    I would love to wear trousers but cant find any that fit well and dont get caught up in the chain ring.

    If i wear tights or knee pads my knees feel like there going to explode so, baggys it is for me. I wear thick socks, and lots of upper layers though.


    When I was cycling to work in my Gap Yah, I somehow got into a bet with my manager that I couldn’t commute all winter only wearing shorts. I managed it, and found it was ok so long as my hands and core were warm.

    I’ve subsequently heard lots of things about the ill effects of cold weather on joints, so knees are now always covered below 15 degrees.


    Have seen several dog walkers in shorts too this week

    Mate who’s a postie said they mostly prefer shorts all year round, as when they do get wet, they dry a lot quicker, and they don’t get wet as often or as quickly in the first place, preferable to marching about wearing cold wet trousers that cling to the legs.

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    Yep, I run really hot as soon as I exercise, been boarding in a shirt and hat, wear shorts and single layer all year round, long sleeves if its really really cold.

    But, my hands are frozen in the office at 20deg. Makes no sense to me. Just looking at my riding buddies in jackets and heated! Boots makes me feel hot.

    I don’t own any merino, soft shell, base layer etc etc, if I’m riding, I’m hot, even at night in the snow when my freewheel has frozen.

    Bare knees & calves? They’re the bits that actually get cold in winter. Along with my feet & hands. I try to keep them all nice and toasty especially as my age increases… Long big tights are the usual choice.


    I’ve learned from many a year windsurfing and riding that once cold it’s far far harder and much more effort to get your body back to a temp where everthing works as it should, any less than near optimal performance of joints and muscles and thought patterns could end up weeks in repair whilst your body recovers. I don’t like time off anything I do, hence the cover up.


    When I first started cycling ‘properly’ back in the late 80’s I learnt the hard way about not covering your kidneys and lower back in cold weather.

    Bib shorts/knicks/tights ever since


    If your kidneys are in your legs I suggest you have other problems πŸ™‚


    Shorts wearer too.

    I just don’t get bothered by the cold on my legs. So not point in trying to avoid what isn’t an issue.

    I also wear shorts for work for at least 11.5 months of the year (I work outdoors every day)

    Normally shorts all year round, my lower legs don’t really get cold and my commute isn’t that long. Now I’m at college though and can’t have a hot shower upon arrival I’ve taken to wearing jeans πŸ™

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Just about to go for an xc ride in my downhill pyjamas, in an attempt to keep the epic cuts in my leg clean. I feel like a knob πŸ™

    >theblackmount: no, not really – I ride all over the Grampians and NE Scotland during winter.<

    LOL, asked for that I guess. I bow to your superior badassness.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    No lycra here but still in shorts at present, not cold enough for anything longer. Haven’t yet seen the blasted mud freeze. I did succumb to wearing a wind breaker last weekend though.


    This mornings, toasty, commuter outfit(-8C when I set off) –
    Baa Baa long sleeve under Convert softshell top
    Altura lycra shorts with Thermolite knee warmers. Singletrack shorts on top.


    Shorts here too. If its chilly, 3/4 length tights. So long as my feet are warm I’m good to go.


    I am one of those berks who wears shorts all year round – just don’t feel cold round my knees / legs

    On saturday I went for a ride in bib shorts, merino t-shirt and gore soft shell jacket, a pair of gloves, buff, spds & shock horror no socks as I forgot to bring some – I was plenty toasty enough so I guess I must, like an old Rover v8 “run hot” like others have mentioned!


    OP the rider in question could have been wearing “hot pants”.



    Shorts and knee warmers all year around regardless of the weather. Only time I wear long trousers is on really muddy DH days where you don’t have to peddle much.
    It’s not that important to keep your lower legs warm, but warm knees are essential as it’s all tendons and ligaments so unlike muscle they don’t have the ability to warm themselves.

    As for runners and people wearing tons of clothes they’re obviously not running/riding hard enough to keep warm. What they need to do is MTFU and put some effort in.

    Oh and skin s water proof and way more breathable than the best man made fabrics.

    Tom KP

    PS – my daily commute starts at 5am so this morning was a bit chilly, but with a windproof top and decent base/mid layers on my core you soon warm up.


    Pah! I wear trousers when I’m going some place fancy!!

    I could say that I run hot and have furry legs, both of which are true, but in reality, just want to show them off πŸ™‚

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