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  • Have we done this yet this winter? People who wear shorts whatever the weather
  • david jey

    Fellow cycle commuter this morning (whilst light snow was falling): big ol’ balaclava thing on this head. Great big winter jacket. Teeny tiny little lycra shorts.

    He’s far from the only one either. Have seen several dog walkers in shorts too this week…

    Any subscribe to this church of the frozen knees? If so please can you explain the attraction to someone who won’t even think about removing his knee warmers until the temperature hits the mid twenties 😉

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yeah, my legs don’t really get cold. My hands do so I like big thick gloves and keep my inner body core warm with a few layers.

    Premier Icon jwr

    I wear shorts for cycling all year round (baggies – none of this lycra nonsense!). I find trousers really uncomfortable on the bike. Never had a problem with getting cold so don’t see the point in wearing something less comfortable.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I must say I used to wear shorts whatever the weather, and never really found it a problem. Then I started wearing tights, realised it was more comfortable and now think anyone wearing shorts is mental!


    The one I couldn’t quite believe yesterday was the rider in shorts and a sleeveless top at 8am in London. Not just the cold, but the potential for gravel rash when something went wrong…

    Premier Icon stevied

    Shorts all year here too. Hate the feeling of riding in trousers..and it’s only a bit of cold 🙂

    Premier Icon binners

    Any bloke who leaves the house wearing only lycra is a freak anyway. The balaclava would have been so that nobody recognised him. Understandable really


    ^^ this is a bit silly IMO ^^

    I think you need to have a loooong hard look at yourself and others that you come into contact with in the Community and that with your Family, also please take into consideration the Image you are giving Cyclists everywhere on this little Planet of ours.

    Cover up.

    It’s Cold.

    It’s VERY cold.


    I don’t really want to see your nipples poking out like Skandia Wheel Nuts nor your shrivelled up appendage.


    Passed a MTBer yesterday (-4′) wearing clown shorts baggies.

    Either he was nails, or didn’t know he could get leg coverings.

    My knees get really grumpy in the cold so bib knicks and/or legs as required.


    Turning this on its head, I am amazed at how much stuff a lot of riders and (generally Lady) runners wear. Do they not sweat?

    I do a few 10k XC (run) events each winter and standard kit is HH top plus shorts. And yet there are people in what looks like full arctic warfare stuff at the start line as well. And they wonder why they are so hot and knackered after 20mins???? All a bit odd.

    Needs link to bob a job thread!!

    I commute and ride trails year round in the normal lycra/baggy shorts combo.

    Cold lower legs doesn’t bother me. I quite like it in fact.

    What I really don’t like is cold head/face


    I often see student types in shorts and even flip flops walking down the street in the winter. I don’t remember being immune to the cold when I was a student?


    Only baggies, here. I don’t own any cycling gear that could be used to warm my legs…

    I also wear only a base layer for most of the time; when it’s really cold, and i’m going downhill for any length of time, i also wear a light windproof top layer. Perhaps i’m just an unusually warm person, but if i wore any more than that while Cycling, then i’d overheat.

    Premier Icon jwr

    I think a lot of it is down to your own personal central heating system (related to metabolism??). I don’t really feel the cold at all (apart from my hands), but I really struggle in hot weather.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Good point ^. If it’s really cold I wear an M&S long sleeved thermal under my windproof Berghaus jacket, plenty warm enough. My riding mates wear thermals/base layer/t-shirt + jacket…then wonder why they have to stop to remove a layer or 3..


    Im a shorts-ist.

    Wear a thermal, tshirt, coat with some nice gloves and my legs stay warm. Build up a nice sweat regardless of temperature really.

    I suppose its because I have never felt colder than doing a winter season in a summer suit (surf photography). Nothing compares to that.


    Students are either drunk or drugged up.. Standard attire when you’ve kipped on someone elses bed, uninvited..


    I’ve only ever ridden in baggy shorts.

    It was -4 over Cannock at the weekend and my mate and I were wearing shorts. After a good 10 mins of cycling I’m pretty toasty so the the thought of wearing trousers just doesn’t appeal.

    Base layer, long sleeved top and my Gore-Tex jacket and that’s me sorted.



    On a ride tonight at GT and I’ll be wearing my baggies cos its the fashion innit.

    Even in the dark.


    Waterproof shorts for me in the winter, didn’t feel to bad in -12. I still get hot and after 20 minutes or so riding i start undoing jacket zips.


    Students is easily explained, it’s the beer coat init? I lost mine in my mid twenties, now I just layer up.

    However, plus one for women. How do they not sweat to death (same on the bike / gym / running etc.)


    I often see student types in shorts and even flip flops walking down the street in the winter. I don’t remember being immune to the cold when I was a student?


    I think modern kids in general are just a gazillion times harder and sturdier than their weak and ailing counterparts of yesteryear


    On Wednesday night I rode in my usual winter baggies + knee pads + All-Marketing long socks and the only bit of exposed flesh apart from my face was a small gap between my socks and my knee pads. It was ‘kin cold.

    It’s tights under the baggies for me from now on



    Maybe there is something like the swimming Channel Rules for cyclists, and you just don’t know it!

    I am embracing Channel Rules for my weekly swims this year, so skimpy speedos, a swim hat and nowt else this morning for my bracing swim. -4 air temperature, 3 degrees water. I have to be honest, I did not warm up as I got going, had to drink 3 cups to tea to get back to normal afterwards.

    Prefer baggy shorts all year; I have some longer DH shorts which have a nice lining that makes them too warm above double-figures. But I always put something on my knees to keep them warm: either 3/4 bibs underneath instead of normal liners, or just some soft knee-pads.


    Baggy shorts all year! – wore them this morning on my 22 mile commute (Worcester to Redditch). As mentioned above – I protect the bits that get cold which doesnt include my legs

    In order of priority…..

    Hands – thick Seal skin gloves
    Feet – thick sox – standard road shoes – neoprene overshoes
    Family Jewels – A pair of long Johns cut to match my shorts in length
    torso – thermal base layer + Endura Stealth Jacket
    Head – Buff bandana thing
    Knee warmers – A new addition – not really required but nice and cozy

    I find im ok like this for the first 80 mins – then my feet are cold for the last 10 mins.

    Considering some Specialised Defrosters

    Premier Icon nuke

    Baggy shorts all year. If it’s below freezing I may switch to 3/4 length shorts to take the chill off the knees

    Premier Icon DezB

    Baggy shorts for me too… but with leg warmers. I’m not stupid.

    Saw a teenager riding in his white school shirt with sleeves rolled up and no gloves yesterday. Big hit with the girls, I reckon.


    Not bike related but I am aware of two blokes who wear shorts all year – they have some sort of skin condition which means fabric, of any type, chafes….


    it’s baggy shorts with lycra shorts underneath for me…
    if its really cold i’ll add a pair of tights…
    i bought a pair of TLD Moto pants years ago but found them too restrictive so i stopped using them after 3 rides…
    they’re for sale if anyone is interested…they’re in perfect condition, in grey, size small…

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I wore shorts on the bike this morning. Just shorts. Bib shorts in fact. It was 3 degrees.

    But be grateful I was in the garage using the turbo and the family were still asleep.

    I used to, if it dropped below zero I’d add a pair of ronhills under the shorts.

    These days I just put roubaix longs on as soon as it drops below 10, thick socks under 5, and baggy shorts and extra knee warmers below zero.

    Not so much a change in attitude to the cold, but as a student I could only afford 1 set of riding gear, now I’ve got 2 sets of good baggies, 4 matching liners, 2 sets of cheep baggies and matching liners, 3 sets of really cheep baggies, 2 sets of longs, 3 bibs, winter boots, summer shoes, flat shoes, more jerseys than i can shake a stick at, base layers, soft shells, gillets in several colours, waterproofs, about 5 pairs of gloves.

    So not so much that I can’t deal with the cold, more that I can now afford not have to!


    I’ve been wearing Roubaix leg warmers since September 😆 Can’t understand shorts in this weather!


    Roubaix bib tights under baggy shorts for me too. I can’t bear the thought of exposing Sheffield to my laycra’d up arse…

    Oh and I’ve read enough stories here of lycra offs resulting in a less than secure set of family jewels, I’d rather rip my shorts a little bit!

    Premier Icon soundninjauk

    Endura Humvee 3/4 all year round for me (both mtbing and commuting in London). Can’t be doing with all this trousers/tights nonsense.

    I could be interested in sorting out some merino socks or something for feet purposes however…

    Premier Icon ton

    riding in this morning, i wore

    marmot power fleece tights
    endura gridlock trousers
    merino wool hiking socks
    5/10 winter boots
    northface base
    northface summit series stretch jersey
    northface apex softshell
    wool sherpa style hat with earwarmers
    extramities guide mountain gloves

    i was comfy………. 😀


    Depends on the wind more than the temp for me. Could wear shorts all year round and not get cold legs, but find when its cold and windy on the road bike my core temperature suffers without leg coverings.

    >Yeah, my legs don’t really get cold. <

    Yeah, ‘course not…

    But the conditions you bare legged, baggy wearing freaks are talking about are mostly flatland commutes and the like – pretty much zero consequence if things get too nippy. If we’re talking a day spent in the mountains, temps around zero, horizontal sleat, water pouring down your legs and filling your shoes then I’ll be wearing all the leg covering I can get thank you very much. Made that mistake just once going over Lochnagar – result hypothermia.


    Ok not a riding thing but last night at the dreaded Tesco’s I saw at least 5 different shoppers in shorts…two had freekin sandels or flip flops on and one was in shorts and a tee shirt….it was minus 3 or 4 at 10PM last night….whats all that about for gods sake?

    I always wear my Endura trousers on the bike in really cold weather any way.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I only wear tights when the Wife is out.

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