Have we done the BAE shipyards yet?

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  • Have we done the BAE shipyards yet?
  • duckman

    Alex didn’t get the choice, Cameron refused to even consider it as an option.

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    So who’s the smart politician then!?!

    Salmond missed the opportunity that most people would probably vote for and would give HIM much of what he wants (got flamed for saying this before and probably will now, but so be it). And somehow, everyone goes on about being the smart one. So he got a map behind CMD’s head in the photo shoot with the signing (or something trivial like a map) and a saltire at Wimbledon. Small stunts (tick), important ones (?).

    Perhaps he was distracted by still trying to work out all those basic questions such as EU, NATO, what currency, central bank etc….

    Anyway back on topic, looks more likely to me that there was (poor) politics involved here. Sad….But part and parcel of defence contracts I guess.


    Sage advice Northwind, and I am always careful where I cast my knob. Reminds me of that King Missile song “Detachable Penis” look it up on YouTube is hilarious.


    Is there a Mebbe option in he referendum ? I won’t vote Yes, but voting No seems a bit, well, negative. I think I would vote Mebbe tho.

    A bit like “not proven”, then…

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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